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    Your Social Media Strategy Shouldn't Be This Complicated

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    This INSANE Graphic Shows How
    Ludicrously Complicated Social Media Marketing Is Now


    This infographic was posted on the Business Insider a few weeks ago along with a great opening line - "Maybe this is the reason General Motors went "mental" and pulled its Facebook ad budget".

    Even for a marketer this infographic can be a little daunting, but it sparks some great questions. 

    How many social networks are you active on?

    KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid

    If you are new to social media for business then we suggest that you start with 1-2 platforms.  This will most likely be Facebook or Twitter as they are the easiest to learn and most business owners will have, at a minimum some personal experience with them.

    Once you have mastered these two platforms and have additional time to allocate to your social media plan then add another.  One of the worst mistakes you can make is to create a community and then stop engaging and abandon them. Be sure you are committed long term to each social channel you engage with and know how much time you can truly allocate to each.

    We see way too many businesses jumping into too many channels when they start because they feel they have to be on Pinterest, Foursquare, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter to have an impact. We beg to differ. Keep it simple and start slow.  Social media takes a lot of time to monitor, track Hashtags, and most importantly to engage in conversation.  Once you see results from your 1st two platforms then expand.


    Market research

    When you are ready to branch out and add additional social channels to your strategy be sure to conduct some market research on which channels to embrace. The demographics for each channel vary and you will want to engage with the channel that best fits your business.

    If your businesses sells products or services that are geared to women (Women's Shoes), then you might think about Pinterest as the core demographic is female. Before you go "Live" with your new Pinterest account you will want to conduct some market research on how your competitors and large brands are using the platform. This will help you develop your personal strategy prior to launch.  With Pinterest there are some key elements to take into consideration when setting up your Boards and Tagging system prior to launch.


    Create a Social Media Strategy

    I have used this phrase multiple times in this article to drive a point. You must know How to Create a Social Media Strategy For Your Business prior to engaging in multiple platforms.  Take some time to write a short plan and identify the following;

    • Develop Buying Peronas for each channel
    • Type of content that will be posted to each channel
    • Who is going to create content for each channel
    • How often will we post to each channel
    • Who is going to be the "VOICE" of each channel
    • Build an inventory of existing content
    • Note the Top 10 Cstomer Questions and answer them

    This is the starting point to set up your strategy.  Keep in mind that these are social platforms you will be using and engagement is the primary goal, not selling to your community.  You should only push out and ADVERTISEMENT once for every 10-15 NON-ADVERTISING posts on each channel because You Can't Eat a Facebook "LIKE". Most importantly Keep It Simple, listen to your community, give them what they want, and grow with them.  The end game should be to develop authority as an industry expert thus your community will trust you and potentially purchase from you.

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