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    Lead Nurturing: The Jackie Robinson of Inbound Marketing

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    Lead Nurturing Campaigns Convert Lead to Customers

    The history of baseball can't be written without Jackie Robinson.  Not because is broke the color barrier, but because he will go down as one of the top 5 second baseman of all time.  Jackie Robinson was know for his speed, a .311 career batting average, and for CONVERTING the double play.

    Lead Nurturing is the second baseman of your inbound marketing campaign strategy and the key to CONVERTING leads into customers. Jackie Robinson had a field percentage of .983 at second base , with great range. Lead Nurturing increase your lead to customer conversion by over 44% and also has great range as you can tie a Lead Nurturing Campaign to all of your Landing Pages which are fed from a Call to Action.

    Think of how a double play typically works in baseball. A ball is hit to the third baseman.  The third baseman now must rely on the second baseman (in most cases) to Convert his throw and turn a double play over to first base. The second baseman becomes the critical play maker in the Conversion.


    The same principles apply to a basic inbound marketing campaign.

    • Call to Action drives your visitor to a Land Page
    • Landing Page creates a Lead
    • Lead Nurturing CONVERTS your lead into a customer


    Without a lead nurturing campaign in place how will you convert your leads to customers?  You can call the lead, if they give you a phone number, but most consumers searching the web want to do so without being disrupted.  

    Lead Nurturing is intended to work exactly as the name describes.  Nurture your leads down the sales funnel.  A great way to do this is to give your customer what they are looking. Information.


    Your nurturing campaign should consist of:

    • Answers to questions your customers ask
    • White papers offering solutions to customer problems
    • Checklists that will benefit your customer even if they don't buy from you
    • Video about a new product or service offering that will benefit your customer
    • Middle of the Funnel CTA



    It is great to drive traffic to your site and capture lead data, but if you are not nurturing your leads then the likelihood of converting your leads to customers has just dropped by 40%.  Become the Jackie Robinson of inbound marketing and start a lead nurturing campaign today.  As always we recommend HubSpot for your All-in-One marketing software because it is so easy to learn and has robust capabilities, but you can also use a platform like Aweber or Mailchimp to lead nurture as well.

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