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    Content Marketing: Building Trust with Your Customer

    Posted by Inbound Marketing Agents

    How to Build Customer Trust Via Content Marketing

    People buy products and services
    from people, not companies that
    they trust. 

    Consumers have gained a competitive advantage with the growth of the internet and the volume of consumable information that is at there finger tips. This information is not hard to find as a simple Google search for a relevant search term will do the trick.  The questions is are you Getting Found on the internet, but most importantly what is the consumer seeing when they find you?

    Consumers are tired of being sold to via traditional media outlets and legacy marketing channels.  Building trust and authority with the consumer without SELLING to them is what we are talking about today.

    Developing great content that is easily searchable and found on the internet is not the wave of the future, it is a must for today

    A website alone is not enough!  You need to educate the consumer on why they should buy your product or service without using sales tactics. If you are willing to give away this information keep reading.  If not, we wish you the best of luck and you can stop here.

    Only two things really matter.  TRUST and RELATIONSHIP.  Fortunately, it is easy to build trust in a business relationship. Below are the concepts to start building trust with your customers and potential customers.


    "82% of consumers are researching on the internet prior to purchasing a product or service".


    1.  Have Real Dialog

    Every piece of content you create, and each meeting you have, should be constructed within a real conversation, not a sales pitch.  Your content and conversation needs to be geared towards solving problems for the consumer. Ask them if they have issues with a current provider, or how you can best help them?

    2.  Be Yourself.

    Conduct and write the way you would when having a casual yet professional conversation with a colleague. Everyone has had unpleasant experiences with sales people, so don't be one. Your writing style when creating content needs to match the persona of the consumer. If your consumer persona typically has a high school education don't write or speak at the level of a doctoral degree.

    3.  Build Personas

    This concept may be unfamiliar to you as it a somewhat new concept, but is extremely valuable to your marketing and sales campaigns. Identify your consumers buying personas and gear your sales and content marketing strategy to these personas. Start by keeping it simple and then expand as you get comfortable with identifying these personas.  Here is a great article from HubSpot to help you develop your personas... 9 Questions To Ask When Developing Buying Personas.

    4.  Blog.

    If you don't have a blog.  Start one today! Blogging is the fastest and easiest way to publish content to the web that your consumers can find. Set the tone for the blog based on your buying personas and develop content that your consumers looking for.  A great place to start is by asking your clients or customer sales representatives the Top 10 Questions Asked by your Customers.  Answer these questions in your blogs so consumers can find these articles on the web and start building trust and authority.

    5. Be Consistent.

    The consumer will have more trust in you if you are consistent and persistent over time. When a consumer can predict your behavior, they are more likely to trust you. This can be accomplished by consistently posting to your blog, providing requested information on time, and not using random sales jargon in your content creation and showing up on time to meetings.

    6. Show Interest.

    When you show a true interest in someone they are more attracted to you. This concept is very important here as you need to be genuinely interested in your customer, their interests, and their problems or issues they are trying to solve with your product or service.  Making a personal connection with a potential customer will go a long way to increasing their trust level in you.  Remember, It Not About You.  It is About Them.

    Needless to say trust is only part of the equation. You still must provide a service or product or service that solves problems for your consumer. The key in our opinion is building a relationship based on trust. 

    The more content your create and publish via the web the better chance you have of getting found and starting a relationship.  With this being said you will need to optimize your content for search.  We have a simple checklist available below for free that will help you do this with a blog and any content you create.

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