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    Social Media Strategy: Top 20 ReTweeted Words & Phrases on Twitter

    Posted by Inbound Marketing Agents

    We all want more ReTweets on Twitter.  The question is how do we get them?

    If you want to increase engagement, site traffic, or even lead generation on Twitter you need to get ReTweets from your followers to increase your Reach.  This is no easy task as the average tweet only has a shelf life of 2.5 hours, so your tweets need to be interesting, valuable to your followers, and contain the top 20 Most ReTweeted Words & Phrases. 

    We have compiled a list of the Top 20 Words and Phrases from multiple resources including HubSpot and Dan Zarrella to help you increase your ReTweet percentage.  Note: Dan Zarrella is a Social Media Scientist with HubSpot and one of the foremost authorities on Twitter.

    We were very happy to see that the Top 20 Words include Call to Action (please, check out, help, retweet) and words that indicate compelling content (great, how to, top, blog).


    Top 20 Twitter Words

    1. You
    2. Twitter
    3. Please
    4. ReTweet
    5. Post
    6. Blog
    7. Social
    8. Free
    9. Media
    10. Help
    11. Please retweet
    12. Great
    13. Social Media
    14. 10
    15. Follow
    16. How to
    17. Top
    18. Blog post
    19. Check out
    20. New blog post


    Some things to keep in mind...

    Don't be afraid to tweet about tweeting, blogging, networking, etc. "Social Media" as a phrase ranks high, so use these terms and topics in your tweets.

    "Lists" are very popular on Twitter.  This is why you see the number "10" making an appearance on the list because people love Top 10 lists and David Letterman.

    "Please ReTweet" - Don't be afraid to ask your followers to ReTweet for you if you have a compelling reason for them to, but use this sparingly.

    Twitter is about engagement more than pushing advertisements for your product or services.  The word "You" occurs very often in ReTweets, indicating that you are talking to "me" I am more likely to ReTweet it.

    One of the takeaways is to create great content that your followers will find value in.  If you are blogging then you should use "New Blog Post" as your slug when your blog is auto published to Twitter as this phrase rank very high.

    Here is a great article with 23 Tips to Become a Twitter Power User Today and the The 2 Most Powerful Words in Your Social Media Strategy.

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