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    Social Media Strategy: 23 Tips to Become a Twitter Power User Today!

    Posted by Inbound Marketing Agents

    If you are marketing your business on line then hopefully you are using Twitter as a channel to
    build engaging relationships, but also to distribute your most valuable content. We have written many articles on using the reach and a powerful social media strategy to generate leads within your inbound marketing strategy, so it only seems right to post some tips on how to become a Twitter Power User.

    Please feel free to share these tips via Twitter, in your own blog or wherever you distribute your content. We only ask that you link back to this article.

    23 Tips to Become a Twitter Power User Today

    1. Follow anyone who follows you.
    2. Promote the less followed more than the celebrities (they have better content).
    3. Build your "Lists" within Twitter to better watch who is important to you and stay engaged in the conversation.
    4. Customize your background and avatar.  If you don't, people will think you are a spambot!
    5. Only use 110-120 characters per Tweet so there is room for a ReTweet.
    6. Invite your customers to Twitter, then make it worth their time.
    7. Be Transparent. If you are linking to a client or using an affiliate link, disclose it.
    8. Keep your Hashtags short and useful.
    9. Thank You! The 2 Most Powerful Words in Social Media.  Thank your Followers for a ReTweet or Mention.
    10. Optimize your BIO. Include links,  keywords, and hastags so you easy to find.
    11. Engage, engage, engage. The repeat!
    12. Become an authority in your niche.  Everybody is an expert at something.
    13. If you are ReTweeting someone, always give them credit.
    14. Don't be afraid to block people from your Twitter feed.  Nobody likes spam or negatives tweets.
    15. Write great titles in less than 120 characters. (This takes practice).
    16. Be yourself.
    17. DO NOT post your Twitter feed to LinkedIn. Use the #IN hashtag and be selective.
    18. Linking to video, photos, or music is a great way to enhance the experience.
    19. Put your Twitter Handle in your email signature.
    20. Ask questions.
    21. Don't put your Twitter Feed in the sidebar of your blog.  This will direct people away from your site.
    22. Stick to one account. Growing multiple accounts is very, very difficult.
    23. Social Media Strategy. You must have a plan.
    Bonus: Follow @Mallikarjunan (Twitter eCom King) and @DanZarrella (Undistiputed Heavy Weight Twitter Champ of the World)

    Twitter is an awesome channel to use for your inbound marketing strategy or just for personal use.  Keep it fun and engage your followers.  They will have more interesting stuff to say then you or I do.  At least this is the strategy we implore because Twitter is about Them, Not You.

    If you decide to Tweet this article we thank you in advance and if you include @InboundAgent we will do it again on Twitter.  Happy Tweeting!

    Some of these tips may be really helpful to you and others may not be so useful, but we would still love your tips in the comments below.

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