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    When to Hire an Online Marketing Agency!

    Posted by Pat Owings

    For any online business that feels that their website is under-performing or would just like to boost their sales, it's time to look into an online marketing agency to optimize their web sales.  The need for an online marketing agency has never been more true and pressing as it is right now.  Statistics show that 82% of all consumers search online before making a
    purchase and each year that number is pushing faster and faster towards 100% of all consumers.  With the increased use of portable digital outlets like tablet phones and iPads, that trend only promises to increase.

    That's because online shopping is cheaper, faster and easier than driving to the store; especially with a global economy that is cashing in daily.  The only way to keep ahead of this trend and stay atop of the competition is to go with an online marketing agency that can implement The 4 Pillars of Inbound Marketing aimed at making an online business a success. 

    Let Inbound Marketing Bring The Customers To You

    So, when is the exact right time to look towards an online marketing agency for help?  By following this list below a business will be able to tell if their online marketing strategy is working for them, or if they need an agency to work for them:

    • If they are NOT blogging.  Blogging is the easiest way to generate leads and create organic SEO rankings for your website.  
    • If they need more traffic and more customers.  In essence, if they want or need a sales boost.
    • If they aren't using landing pages to attract targeted visitors to their website and capture lead data.  This crucial component of an inbound marketing strategy utilizes a lead nurturing campaign to push potential customers and prospects along the sales funnel.  Basically, it is conversion-driven content.
    • If they aren't generating leads via a social media strategy.  Perhaps the fastest growing strategy that an online marketing agency can help with, this interactive component of marketing strategies helps keep a company fresh in the mind of their customer base and provides a unique insight into what their clients are thinking; an invaluable modern marketing feedback tool.
    • If they are not ranked on the first page of Google search results.  Most likely this is because the site is not properly optimized for organic search results and they are not producing enough content.  An online marketing agency's job is to stay on top of the algorithms that search engines use, thus ensuring that their client's website will stay on top of the first page of search engines results.  First page rankings mean more website hits, increased consumer confidence and a substantial increase in revenue.
    • If they aren't tracking the analytics of their online marketing campaign, or, even if they are, they are probably using the wrong kind of online monitoring.  Sites like Google Analytics don't prove the marketing analysis one needs to be successful.  An online marketing agency can bring data like visits-to-leads, leads-to-customers and ROI (return on investment) to light, thus increasing sales exponentially. 

    If any of the above are true for a company's online business, the time has never been better than right now to contact an online marketing agency and find out how they can increase sales through the implementation of inbound marketing.

    An Online Marketing Agency Is Your Key To The Future

    The wave of the future is consumer's digital purchasing power and by being online, a company's visibility is everything.  Any business or company that doesn't have an online marketing agency is bound to be left behind in the vast field of forgotten websites.  


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