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    Why Most Online Marketing Strategies Don't Work

    Posted by Inbound Marketing Agents

    Does Your Online Marketing Strategy Stink?

    In order to have a successful online business presence, it is necessary to incorporate multiple facets of online marketing and lead generation techinques into an inbound marketing game plan.  This means that you must not only have a presence on social networking and marketing sites but also follow through by nurturing leads and interests in order to convert such leads into customers and generate an ROI for each campaign.  That being said, well-executed online marketing strategies incorporate many factors and channels that all work together to build a complete and relevant presence within their online marketing strategies.  Keyword and website optimization are not an effective strategy alone, the entire picture includes so much more!

    Many businesses don't have an online marketing plan and throw thousands of dollars away each year on hired help that only succeeds in putting half of the puzzle together, so to speak.  Many businesses just don't understand that generating leads from sites like Facebook and Twitter is just part of the formula that leads to sales.  The leads need to be directed to a landing page within your site that allows them to explore your products and services while being offered the sale.  These parts of online marketing strategies mean that not only are the leads and potential customers kept interested through engaging content, but they are directly engaged in the content you are providing to push them down the sales funnel. Online marketing strategies and tools like Google Adwords can cost a business dearly, but only succeed in driving interest to a specific page or with a certain product.  Companies need to go deeper to catch and hold on to these potential customers.  Online marketing strategies are more than just a CTR (click through rate), they are about nurturing customers who are loyal to the brand and product and providing easily accessible information to them so they educate themselves prior to purchasing.

    Companies need to understand that such a multifaceted approach can be provided through a positive inbound marketing plan that not only helps drive visitors to their site, but converts these visitors into paying customers.  With marketing software such as HubSpot, companies can earn quality leads that generate revenue.  This type of software also allows companies to use real-time metrics and analytics to better understand the behavior and preferences of their potential customers as well as those loyal customers who visit the site multiple times.  Through these metrics, companies can better target their products toward the customer base that reacts most favorably, therefore generating higher quality leads.  It is nearly impossible to read customers' minds, but through such software that allows companies to measure the success of their online marketing strategies, they can design a more direct, effective method of reaching them.

    Generating traffic is the first step that a company should be concerned with in an online marketing strategy.  However, the effort is useless unless it leads to specific lead generation and the conversion of those leads to product and services sales, or customers.  Then, with specific software designed to measure the success of a company's online marketing campaign, the company can use the valuable feedback in the form of analytics and metrics to help bolster their efforts, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of their online marketing strategies.  There is a much broader  spectrum of tools, software, and web design than many companies realize, it's not just about social marketing presence when it comes to online marketing strategies.  A successful online marketing strategy starts with the goal of sales and the conversion of loyal customers and works backwards, incorporating many other online marketing strategies and tools.  If you would like a free consultation please click the CTA below.


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