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    The Secret of Marketing and Sales

    Posted by Pat Owings

    The Secret of Marketing and Sales

    So many companies spend enormous amounts of money and effort working to get their brandrecognized and be the go to company for whatever it is that they sell.  So much in fact that Inbound Marketing Agents (IMA) is built around servicing this need.  However, the real secret to being successful is simple – “Listening”.  This sounds simple and trite.  But the factof the matter is this is really what separates good companies from great companies.  The marketplace will tell you exactly what is needed, when it is needed and the best way to get everyone goals accomplished.  But most companies are too busy talking about their offerings to listen. 

    This was never more evidenced than on recent business trip that IMA was on.  While we brought several valuable ideas to the table, the team that we were meeting with came up with what will be the game changer in their market.  A totally revolutionary idea that takes very little implementation, very little resources, will be a profit center and will expand the brand exponentially.  Now I know that there will be plenty of companies out there that will say if I could only find that idea then we would exploit it as well.  The problem is these ideas are everywhere and in every industry. 

    Companies just need to take the time out of their day of working on their business and listen.  Listen to your customers.  Listen to your employees – they generally have a lot of suggestions most of which fall on deaf ears – but there is usually a diamond in the rough in there.  Listen to you competitors, they may or may not be on the right track but they have a lot of historical data that they are basing their decisions on.  Listen to those who care most about you – While they may not understand your business; they only have your best interest at heart.  Heart and Passion are also keys to your success but that is a different blog. 

    Remember, sometimes it takes an outsider with no skin in the game to come in and help open your eyes so that you can see what’s been right in front of you all along.  As I tell my children – God gave you two ears and one mouth so we should listen twice as much as we talk.  

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