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    Blogging at 30,000 ft

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    One of my favorite places to blog is from the deck overlooking my backyard. It overlooks a creek that runs behind our house, faces the setting sun, and has some wonderful drapes that my wife made to block out the sun if I happen to sit in the wrong chair. There is nothing more relaxing than creating content when it is 68 degrees outside while watching the dog run around the backyard and sipping a glass of '01 Jordan Cabernet.

         What does suck is trying to write a blog at 30,000 ft while sitting next to a guy twice my size. Now just so you are clear.  I am 6'6" and 260 lbs. I am no small boy, but I do fit into my seat without impeding the comfort of the passenger next to me. Now I am not really blaming the guy next to me because if you are flying in coach then you will never have enough room to type unless you plan to blog from your smartphone.

          I will tell you that I tried everything to get some writing done. I leaned forward. I reclined my seat. If the guy next to me moved his elbow up, I would move mine down. Nothing worked and I was getting extremely frustrated as I had to produce content or the flight would be a failure. Until, I went to the bathroom so I could stretch my legs and get some breathing room, if for only a moment and met the two wonderful flights attendants that were serving the back half of the plane. They actually introduced themselves and asked if there was anything they could do to make me more comfortable. I told them it was no big deal, after all I am no small fry to have to sit next to.  They were so nice as they let me sit back with them after grabbing my iPad allowing me to work on my blog article for next week.

         Look, trying to write a blog article while flying isn't that bad. Trying to write a blog article while flying, sitting in coach, being as big of a human being as I am, and sitting next to a 400lbs man is nearly impossible. I have to thank my two new friends from Southwest Airlines as they turned a bad flight into a great experience by providing great customer care.

         I understand that this article is not the normal type of content we produce, but look. There are times when your content calendar has to be filled and you are behind schedule and need to produce some content and there was no way I could write in my seat.  By the way, my business partner who is 5'10" and about 185 was sitting on the other side of the big guy smashed against the window. I really should have taken a picture for this article.

          The moral of this story is that you can create content from the back of a New York taxi if you have to. Be resourceful and never leave home without your keyword list and Content Calendar. I am going to try the taxi in few minutes as we are about to land at LaGuardia Airport now.

          Thank you Southwest Airlines for always taking good care of your passengers and for having the funniest staff in the sky.


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