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    Are You Feeding the Penguin with Content to Boost SEO?

    Posted by Inbound Marketing Agents

    Content Marketing vs SEO


    Back in March Matt Cutts from Google announced at SXSW that Google will Penalize Websites that Overuse SEO Techniques with the release of the new Penguin algorithm.  Well, Penguin has arrived and is now indexing your site searching for keyword stuffing and link farms, but most importantly for fresh content.  HubSpot has long promoted content as being king and now that
     roof top proclamation has been confirmed to the masses by Google. I guess they were ahead of their time!

    We write a lot about creating content, blogging, and provide many tools to help with the content creation process like our Blogging for SEO Checklist and Content Calendars, but this article is going to give you the hard facts about content and how beneficial it is to your inbound marketing strategy.

    • User generated content increases organic search results by 10% and lead conversion up to 125% according to MarketingSherpa.
    • Businesses that blog frequently have 55% more traffic than companies that do not blog and generate 97% more inbound links.
    • 57% of business that blog have acquired a new customer via their blog.


    Creating content is not just about blogging. There are many ways to create content that will benefit your SEO and lead generation like video, podcast, magazines and email marketing.


    • Businesses that blog produce 434% more indexed pages to feed Google with and up to 25x more leads.
    • YouTube has 2 Billion videos watched every day and 100,000 new videos are uploaded daily.
    • Facebook users share an average of 70 pieces of content per month.
    • WordPress hosts over 11 Million blogs with over 200 Million blog posts.


    These are some astonishing numbers to be able to tap into if you are creating content and probably pretty overwhelming if you are not and we haven't even toughed on Twitter yet.


    • There are 50 Million Tweets per day on Twitter in 2010.
    • In 2009 there were only 4 Million Tweets per day.
    • tumblr has 807,907,712 Total Posts.
    • There are over 6 Million bloggers on tumblr.


    Companies increased content marketing spend by 11% from 2009-2010 and 60% plan on increasing their budget in 2012. Companies with 100 employees or less spend Twice as much on content marketing as large companies with 100+ employees.

    Content distribution channels have increased dramatically over the last two years and more are coming making it easy for small and medium sized companies to Get Found.


    Content Marketing Channels

    • Social Media
    • Emarketing (email)
    • White Papers
    • Blogs
    • Article Marketing
    • Online Video
    • Case Studies
    • eBooks
    • Podcasts
    • Digital Magazines
    • Mobile Content
    • Microsites

    Content marketing is replacing the traditional SEO techniques that have been used in the past.  the good thing about content marketing is that it is easy to get started. Getting started is great as you will see benefits, but mastering content marketing takes time to learn.  Start with a blog and a couple of social media channels then work your way into the more demanding channels and don't be embarrassed to ask for help.


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