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    Blogging Tips: How to Grow Your Blog's Reach

    Posted by Inbound Marketing Agents

    Blogging Tips: How To Grow Your Blog's Reach


    It's very important to learn how to reach the most people when promoting your blog.

    Promoting your blog is much easier if you take advantage of the social media sharing buttons within blogging software. With most blogging software, it's a very simple task for you to add these social sharing buttons to your blog. Sharing buttons will make it easier for those who read your blog to share it, promoting your blog to their own followers. Use 5 Simple Tips to Grow Your Social Networks to reach the most people and get the best results. Sharing buttons for any number of social media platforms can be added, and the more platforms for your blog’s content to be shared on, the more web traffic will be generated. Best of all, sharing buttons make it possible for readers to share the content without leaving your blog. Learn How To Create A Social Media Strategy for Your Business to help with promoting your blog.

    Marketing management tools like HubSpot can be very effective in helping you manage your time and for scheduling multiple posts. It is important for you to remain active as a social media user, and auto posting tools can help share the information for you throughout the day instead of all of it at once. Some of these tools will delay your posts to the times that you designate, while others, such as Timely, will analyze your posts to find which time slots tend to receive the greatest response.

    Auto posting tools can help you in promoting your blog by reposting links that lead back to it. Don't forget that engaging in conversations and interacting with others is the main purpose of social networks, as this will go far in promoting your blog. Use The 2 Most Powerful Words In Your Social Media Strategy so your readers feel appreciated. Social media is most effective when you issue a steady amount of posts, from quotes or facts related to a specific field of interest to you and your readers, to relevant photos and reader polls. Inbound Marketing Agents can help you learn about promoting your blog and using Hubspot, a marketing management tool that processes millions of tweets a day.  But, don't forget about your original readers.  This is a great article by Neil Patel on How to Grow Your Blog with the Rule of 10.

    Guest blogging is another great method for promoting your blog. Connecting with people on other blogs will extend your reach to more readers as you find new audiences. Guest blogging will also give more exposure to your name, and being seen on other blogs and websites will indicate that you are an expert in your area. Almost all topics have a tendency to overlap with each other, so all you’ll need to do is see what common characteristics a topic might have with yours. All those guest blogs will link back to your blog, and help promote and build links for your blog.

    It is important when promoting your blog that you use evergreen content whenever possible. Evergreen content is information that will last with little to no updating.  While information about current news and trends will lose web traffic after a while, informative or encyclopedia styled articles that are planned and written to not go out of date will bring in steady traffic. This kind of content is very valuable promoting your blog because it can be re-posted and not lose relevance. Read about the Key Components of a Great Blog Post to make the best impression while promoting your blog.

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