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    The Battle for Content: Curation vs Creation

    Posted by Pat Owings

    What Type of Content Do You Need for Your Business?

    Guest Post by Dan Moyle
    Certified Inbound Marketing Specialist

    In the world of inbound marketing, content is clearly king. With the recent updates from Google, content (fresh and relevant) becomes even more vital to businesses looking for an edge online. If you have no content, you have no links pointing to your site, and your SEO efforts fail. Various reports show businesses that blog get more web traffic. More web traffic tends to drive great lead generation. And that of course is supposed to bring revenue to your company.

    The questions arise: what kind of content do I need for my business? Can I share other people’s content or do I need to create my own?

    Several websites and applications now allow us all to share content across the web. Someof these tools allow us to share otherpeople’s content with automation. This is called content curation. One very popular method of this is with a “daily paper” from paper.li.

    You essentially set it up to share tweets and articles automatically in your Twitter feed. Each time your daily paper publishes, it highlights a few “contributors.” This is great for building an audience and getting retweets. A lot of people will retweet their name and this paper.li link. As a business, it’s also a bonus when your articles appear in these daily papers - it’s a link to your content!

    So if you’re looking for a bigger audience and some retweets, content curation is a goodContent Curation solution.  Content creation is everything else. Blog articles, videos, whitepapers, guides, eBooks, apps...all of this material is under the content creation umbrella.  Consistent blogging creates webpages for Google to crawl and for viewers to view. Videos help explain complicated topics in concise, easy to digest tidbits. They also help draw in an audience with fun or personal messages. Whitepapers and guides help give potential clients valuable information to help educate them and endear them to your company. All of this content helps lift the tide of SEO for your company.

    Here’s a look at one companies numbers on content creation numbers:

    • YouTube drove 187 visits and 29 leads in the last year (16% conversion).
    • Blog articles drove more than 500 leads in the last year.
    • Free eBooks brought more than 6,000 views with more than 2,00 visits (35% conversion) in the last year.

    In the same period, content curation yielded this result: 

    • Paper.li drove 33 website views and 5 leads in the last year (15% conversion).

    Here’s your inbound marketing takeaway: In general, content curation can help build an audience and is certainly one tool in the inbound marketers tool chest. But content creation is the golden ticket you need to strive for.

    Don’t be afraid of writer’s block. With the right tools - like a blog title worksheet or a content calendar - you can overcome the “What do I write about?” problem so many businesses face. If you’d like a free inbound marketing report for your business, let us know!

    Dan Moyle is a Certified Inbound Marketing Specialist who spends his time creating content for AmeriFirst Home Mortgage (Yes I also dabble in content curation). Writing, producing videos and managing the AmeriFirst brand fall under his daily duties. He’s also a Twitter addict who loves dark beer and motorcycles.

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