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    Six words that will change your close ratios

    Posted by Pat Owings

    6 Words that will change your close ratio

    I am constantly being asked by companies all around the world, “What can we do to increase our close ratio?”  The answer is simple – “Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up!”  While this is a simple principle, it is one of the most difficult to get your sales team to actually do.  Companies will spend enormous amounts of time and money on their inbound marketing and outbound marketing campaigns, some even get it through their lead generation systems only to get the leads to their sales team and they drop the ball. 

    It is only human nature to try to avoid rejection.  However, this a substantial advantage because your competition is afraid of rejection as well.  Drip Campaigns can assist turning the turning the lead into a customer but the ultimate goal is to build a relationship with customer and to constantly be strengthening that relationship.  This is where person to person interaction is critical.  Listening and learning about your customers business is just the start.  Delivering your product and service while setting expectations appropriately is the key.  Far too many organizations overcommit and under deliver.  Establishing trust in the relationship is what will set your organization apart from your competitors. 

    • Follow Up on every touch customer lead - no exceptions

    • Follow Up after every customer experience - delivery of services, product delivery, etc.

    • Follow Up immediately if there is an issue with service, delivery, product and take the lead to get issue resolved.

    Once you’ve reached this point, there is still more follow up to do.  You need to make sure that the customers’ expectations were exceeded.  In the event that they were not, this is another differentiating point.  All companies have issues but it’s how companies respond to these issues that separate the winners from the losers.  At the end of the day, treat your customers as you would want to be treated.



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