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    The 4 Pillars of Inbound Marketing

    Posted by Inbound Marketing Agents


    The New Global Marketplace

    A Netcraft.com study found that in March of 2012 there were 644 MILLION active websites, an increase of 31.4 MILLION websites from the previous month. Now these numbers aren't definitive, but they indicative. They are indicative of the global market place being flooded with more and more companies, as well as customers. The competition for visitors and leads is increasing exponentially, leaving smaller companies dazed and confused. Many, faced with uncertainty in the economy and lost with regard to establishing an online presence, have been forced to seek alternative marketing and sales methods or close their doors.    

    Inbound Marketing

    Inbound marketing focuses on Getting Found, building Brand Awareness, driving Leads and New Customer Acquisition. At its foundation are what are called the Four Pillars of Inbound Marketing:
    • Traffic
    • Leads
    • Conversion
    • Measurement



    Interestingly, the first Pillar of inbound marketing is the largest Barrier for most companies. They simply do not understand how to generate traffic. They see other companies advertising here and there, and so they attempt to mimic what they see, but like an iceberg in the ocean, there is much more to the story - beneath the surface.

    A strategic plan including On-Page SEO, blogging, content marketing,and social media publishing is a good place to start for the inbound marketing beginner. 

    8 Simple Steps to Great On-Page SEO You Can Implement Today

    Lead Generation

    Many small businesses CAN figure out how to get at least SOME traffic to their website, but turning those casual visitors into leads is a different animal. At this stage, a company HAS to deliver compelling content and a powerful message of offer to shift the mentality of the visitor to start thinking like a customer. We use analytics and tracking data by HubSpot to not only craft compelling Call to Action's, but to iterate them over time so leads will convert on relevant landing pages.

    How to master the Desing of Compelling Calls-to-Action


    Leading a visitor through a website and shifting their mindset to that of a customer is a difficult task. Turning a prospect into a client is even more so. This is where landing pages come into play. A well crafted landing page designed for conversion that is closely targeted to your Call to Action will increase your conversion rates.  Without CTA's and Landing Pages what is the point of your website?

    5 Simple Steps to Creating Landing Pages That Convert.


    The final pillar of inbound marketing is about creating sustainability. Most smallinbound marketing analytics companies operate from client to client, which creates stress and uncertainty - and it is wholly unnecessary. Almost every small business owner KNOWS that measuring the effectiveness of advertising is important, but most of them do not take it seriously. They simply do not have the organization or system in place to record which spots are effective and which need to be tweaked or eliminated.

    Inbound Marketing is about developing, implementing, MEASURING, and tweaking a fully-integrated Marketing Plan. If you are going fail, then fail fast!  This can only happen if you have real-time analytics available to review and iterate your marketing campaigns.

    Marketing Analytics for Conversion



    Inbound Marketing Agents

    Inbound marketing agents provide small and mid-sized companies with a fully customizable and integrated plan to attract visitors, create interest, convert, and measure every step along the way to ensure that each month is more effective than the last. Most websites hemorrhage potential clients on a daily basis without ever knowing how close to success they are - because they don't have the system or organization in place to show them. That's why these four points are known as the Pillars of Inbound Marketing.


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