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    Key Components of a Great Blog Post

    Posted by Inbound Marketing Agents

    A well structured blog post will need to include several key components to generate
    traffic, optimize for search engines, and create new leads.

    Generating Traffic

    This starts with a great title that is attention grabbing and optimized with your targeted keyword(s).  The title of each blog post should include a keyword that you will likely be able to rank for.  This means that you need to do some keyword research prior to creating your titles and writing a blog post. We advise that you select keywords with a difficultly factor of less than 70 on a scale of 1-100. If you are targeting a keyword with a high difficulty you will have  a very difficult time ranking for that keyword. 

    Once you have your keyword(s) selected than you are ready to build your attention grabbing title around your selected keyword(s).  Many bloggers make the mistake of not including keywords in their titles and just use a catchy title.  This will work if you are Seth Godin or Chris Brogan, but if you are an Average Joe it will be very difficult to generate traffic without the utilization of keywords. How to Develop a Powerful Keyword Strategy will help you target your keywords.

    Keywords will also help you generate traffic via your social channels. If the title of this post was "Great Blog Post" you probably would not be reading it write now. Even though "Key Components of a" are not keywords, the use of these words explain what this post is all about. When writing your titles think in terms of posting a Tweet on Twitter and make it easy for people to understand in 140 characters or less.


    The body of your posts should be well formatted and easy for the reader to digest. Keep your paragraphs short (3-5 sentences) and use header tags or bullet points as often as you can. The header tags will enable your readers to skim your article and select which sections to read if they don't have time to read your entire article.

    Social Sharing

    It is great to share your blog posts on your social channels, but it is awesome when your readers share them for you. Include social sharing buttons for each post to enable your readers to share your content and be sure they are easy to find. You will see ours are placed at the top of each blog post so they can be found easily.

    Social Sharing Buttons


    Relevant images are very important to make your blog post more memorable and fun to read. Use text wrapping around your images and include your keyword adjacent to the image and in the images ALT text to increase SEO for that keyword.

    Call to Action 

    Each new blog post you create should have a relevant Call to Action (CTA) at the bottom of the article or strategically placed in the middle at a crucial point of the blog.  Call to Actions will help boost your lead generation if they are linked to a relevant landing page.  If you do not want to include a CTA in every post then place them in the side bar so they can easily be found for all of your new posts. Our Free Content Calendar CTA is located in the right side bar and available via the link above.

    You can see our CTA below and it is relevant if you are a blogger because we all want to optimize our blog posts.

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