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    How to Determine if You Need an SEO Consultant

    Posted by Inbound Marketing Agents

    Everyone knows that finding a great SEO consultant can be a risky prospect.  Of course, every SEO consultant looks good online.  And if you haven’t been spending your time keeping up with the latest and greatestSEO practices, how do you even know what questions to ask a potential hire? 

    Thankfully, there are a lot of great articles online breaking down what to look for - and what to avoid! - when you’re in the hiring process.

    But everyone also knows that, if you aren’t convinced of the need, you won’t invest your time into finding an SEO consultant who will strengthen your inbound marketing efforts.  

    So how do you know if you need to hire an SEO consultant in the first place?  

    Here are 5 indications that a great SEO consultant might be the next MVP on your team:

    1)  Your business is in a competitive sector locally

    Thanks to dramatic new steps taken by search engines at the end of 2011, getting found locally is the new creme de la creme of search engine optimization.  And that meanshyperlocal.  Geolocation now pinpoints hyper-specific locations when someone searches for a business.  

    If you have a business that’s highly competitive - either because you have a lot of competition or you don’t have any at all - you should consider hiring an SEO consultant to optimize your online presence.

    Why?  Because, according to Google, 93% of all consumers find things online. You’re missing out on all of those locals who are looking for you if you can’t easily be found.

    2)  You’re not sure whether your website is useful to your marketing strategy

    If you’re not sure, chances are likely that your site isn’t helping you at all.  In fact, it might even be hurting you.  Here are some indications that an SEO consultant can radically transform your online presence:  

    • Your site has outdated materials, design, or your site doesn’t work on handheld devices 
    • You aren’t continually creating fresh content for your website, blog, and social media profiles
    • You have social review or online map profiles (i.e. Yelp, Google Places) that you haven’t claimed and optimized 
    • You have negative reviews online at the top of your social review listings

    Any of the above issues are viewed by search engines as a negative hit.  Your organic search engine rankings will plummet as a result.

    3)  Your customers mention they didn’t - or couldn’t - find you online

    This should be a great indication to you that you need to hire a competent SEO consultant immediately.  Getting Found is the first of the Four Pillars of Inbound Marketing. 

    It means your customers are looking for you online.  And your SEO to boost your online search ranking is sorely lacking.

    4)  You don’t have the time or personnel to work on in-house SEO

    So you don’t have someone currently on staff who has the knowledge - or the drive to learn - about building a strong, optimized online presence?  Then an SEO consultant might be a dream come true.  They will make your life easier (and so much more profitable!) with their expertise.

    5)  Your current SEO efforts are haphazard and without a comprehensive plan

    Haphazard efforts are a good indication that you’re working from a place of little perspective.  Search engine optimization is something that you build over time, with patience and diligence.  It’s not a one-time trick or gimmick that magically catapults you to the top of search engine rankings. 

    A great SEO consultant will help you to take a step back from the pressure of trying to make all your SEO efforts happen immediately.  From a longer-term perspective, you can make goals for your business and your marketing plan that incorporate SEO projects seamlessly.

    SEO is an organic algorithm that needs to be fed with fresh and relevant content. It is not just about keywords anymore.  Take a quick read about Google's new changes to their search algorithm and how you can improve your SEO today by clicking the links below...

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