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    Pool Company Blog Generates $2M in ROI! The Real Deal!

    Posted by Inbound Marketing Agents

    Let's get right to the point. If you are a blogger, content marketer, or a business owner you must read this article.

    My Blog Made Over 2 Million in Sales: How's That For ROI? 

    This is a real blog post from Marcus Sheridan - The Sales Lion about how his pool company generated over $2,000,000 is revenue via his blog. This is the real deal. No BS!
    Marcus has a very similar story to us, as he was an owner of a small business that was struggling when he learned about and adopted blogging and inbound marketing which changed his life.  You can read about Marcus here
    We don't usually post directly to another blog, but you will see why we did for this one as Marcus did a fantastic job of showing you how he used inbound marketing strategies and blogging to generate $2M in revenue, but most importantly how he was able to track the return on investment.
    The power of inbound marketing is at your finger tips!  We know you may not know what inbound marketing is, so this is a great case study to prove to you that it works.  
    If you still are not sure about Inbound marketing for your business after reading the blog post from Marcus, then come back here and we will give you a FREE Inbound Marketing Assessment to demonstrate how your current marketing strategy stacks up against your competition.
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    Thanks for the great post Marcus!

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