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    Turn Customer Questions into Content for Inbound Marketing

    Posted by Inbound Marketing Agents

    Guest post by Dan Moyle - Certified Inbound Marketing Specialist


    Content is king when it comes to inbound marketing. Blog articles, videos, e-Books and guides all generate leads for businesses. But what business owner has time to create the content necessary? And how do you know what to create? Finding the time is an issue of time management and delegation. Finding an inbound marketing agency to help create your remarkable content is one option. Hiring interns, part time writers or others is another option. However, finding the time and coming up with content also go hand-in-hand. Even if you hire someone, you as the business owner need to direct them and offer ideas for content and titles.

    One sure-fire way to generate great, relevant content to help with lead generation and search engine results (SEO) is to turn customer questions into blog articles, videos and more. For many businesses, the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section is a popular page. It’s a great place to start. If your business is often asked about a specific solution, create articles around that question. Turn those FAQs into short interviews with an expert at your company. You now have great content your potential customers can connect with on a personal level.

    If you (or the servicing or sales departments) have ever answered a question, turn that into an article. At my company, we deal with home improvement financing on homes. I had someone ask me, “Can the FHA 203k pay for a new driveway?” I turned that answer into a blog article. Maybe your company sells bike racks for cars. If a customer has ever asked whether roof mounts or trailer hitch racks are better, you can create content around the answers. Whatever your company does, makes or installs, a customer or potential client has probably asked you a question. Whether it’s a specific problem or a “this vs. that” situation, you can give honest answers in valuable content like articles and short videos.

    How many FAQs do you have on your website? Each one of those can be an article. Every article is like a little magnet drawing readers and leads into your inbound marketing strategy. Ask your sales team to write down every question they hear for a week, and see which ones are most popular. Even the least of these can turn out to be great blog articles because of the long tail keyword aspect. Long tail keywords are becoming a powerful tool. According to research from SEOmoz, long tail keywords (more than 3 words long) make up 70% of search traffic today. This means the questions your potential customers are asking you in person or on the phone, they’re also typing into search engines. The more relevant your content, the more quality leads you will generate.

    A quick piece of advice: Answering these questions should be done in an educational way, not as a sales pitch. People don’t want the old way of “Call me for an answer” when they can find answers on their own. Create content that presents solutions, not sales. And make sure you include a call to action at the end each piece of content. Now, get to creating content!

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    Dan Moyle is a Certified Inbound Marketing Specialist who spends his time creating content for AmeriFirst Home Mortgage. Writing, producing videos and managing the AmeriFirst brand fall under his daily duties. He’s also a Twitter addict who loves dark beer and motorcycles.


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