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    5 Simple Tips to Grow Your Social Networks

    Posted by Inbound Marketing Agents



    Guest Post by Patrick Lamb


    Social networks started as a tool for people with common interests to share information over the web. Now a day’s everyone and their mother is on some sort of social media, which is why companies have looked to new online strategies to market to the masses. Both small and large businesses can gain from using social media, but before any company starts you must understand a few things:

    1) Community is a gift:

    The billions of people on the internet is a gift. It is not something to take lightly and most of all NOT something to anger by spamming. You must be humble and realize it is ALL about the people and never about you. Do not talk about your product in hopes that people will automatically like you, or your company. Make sure to talk with and engage them! Be personal, and give them inside information that they will enjoy reading.

    2) Listen and Acknowledge:

    While using social media it is important to listen to your audience. If you see someone with questions about your product or service, listen to their needs and then engage with them. Customer service is mostly seen as a tool for personal relationships whether restaurants or retail stores. Social media has created a new trend of customer service via the web. Have the same persona you would for someone entering your business for the first time. Make sure to be polite, and offer any information they need.

    3) It is not about the where:

    It doesn’t matter what social network you are using to reach your community it is only important that you are engaging with the community. Whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Flickr make sure the audience CAN HEAR YOU! Once you find which social media channels you should be on, be sure to stay connected through consistent updates and provide valuable information that your community wants.  

    4) Equip don’t sell:

    Once again do not sell your product but be informative with your audience. Write about tips for your customers. Give them the tools to be successful. Social media is not just a selling tool but a tool to build a relationship with your community. To be successful, you have to make sure your customers are successful!

    5) Celebrate them:

    Do not just talk about your success or the accomplishments of your company, but CELEBRATE them. They are the reason you are doing so well, therefore, make sure they know how much you care about them. Everyone LOVES to be noticed, so make sure your audience realizes you notice!

    I hope these 5 simple tips can help you with your business, but if need help growing your community with the right type of followers check out this blog from HubSpot: How to Attract the RIGHT Social Media Followers for Your Business.   



    • Provide valuable content that your community wants and create value for them
    • Be consistent with your posts
    • Listen to your community and engage in conversation
    • It's not about you.  It's about your followers.


    If you have any questions feel free to contact ask the experts at Inbound Marketing Agents.

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