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    Is Your Business Obsessed With Pinterest Yet? It Should Be!

    Posted by Inbound Marketing Agents



    Guest Article by Jennifer Vazmina


    Dear Marketers of the world:

    I am drafting this letter in hopes that my new obsession doesn’t become just another place for people (aka marketers) to tell me what I need and how it is going to make my life that much better.  This new obsession I am speaking of is Pinterest. Pinterest is my new way to find great ideas from everything from recipes to how to organize my closets to what animals I can adopt. I learn from others and I hope they from me. At the very least I get to see some pictures of cool clothes, cribs and cocktails.

    While still in its Beta phase Pinterest has taken off I am guessing more than anyone ever thought it would.  And much like other Social Media avenues it will soon be a venue for marketers to sell their wares to the right people. And with 22% landing pages conversion rate; so much better than the 3.5% from Facebook and a measly 1.7% from Twitter (you can thank Sam Mallikarjunan at the great HubSpot for my impressive stats, I know you thought I was just that smart) more and more companies are going to be placing ads or calls-to-actions on Pineterest. 

    I understand that companies need a way to increase sales and I get that finding them in a social media setting makes it a little easier and a lot more specialized. But I really enjoy the part of Pinterest that lets my fellow pinners tell me what they think is neat. And if I think it is neat, as well, I can repin it to my own board.  So my advice to marketers who are going to start to realize that Pinterest is the place to be, keep it pretty!  Or at least fun. I heard a rumor of one company having a contest for the best board. Now there is something I can get behind. It allows people to still create useful boards and have fun with it, but then helps drive traffic (leads) to that companies website to sign up for the contest.

    My second bit of advice is if your company is going to set up an account on Pinterest (and can you afford not too I mean 22 % conversion) have multiboards for all the types of your customers. And again keep them pretty. Don’t make every pin about your product/company. Throw in some good advice, maybe an inspirational quote or even a puppy or two. Heck even just a pretty picture (and yes I bet you can find one that relates to your company). Then I will be sure to keep following your board and better yet I will repin you, therefore, giving you free “advertising” to my pin-network and if one of my network followers likes it will get repined again, hmmm think I am seeing why this process works so well are you?

    All I am really ask of marketing teams around the world try and think like a crazy obsessed pinner and pin what you (yes you the person) like and what your company (the people who want more money with less work) likes.  You goal should be repins! If you wouldn’t repin it on your own board (and you know you have one) then don’t think I will. I get that sometimes you will want to post informative or promoting things, but try and work them so that they are well….pretty.


    Yours truly,


    Obsessed Pinner


    Have a great Easter everyone.

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