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    Inbound Marketing Is A Fad!

    Posted by Inbound Marketing Agents

    Inbound Marketing Is A Fad!


    If you are in the "fad" camp then you may want to bookmark this article for reference 5-10 years from now. A lot of people thought the internet was going to be a fad in the early and mid 90's too.

    Inbound marketing has been around for years and has been used on a myriad of channels from journals in the 80's and early 90's. The difference today are the vast number of channels that can be used for inbound marketing from your website to social media channels, your blog, video channels, search engines, and anywhere else you can easily distribute your content. 

    After reading through the infographic below keep one thing in mind...

    Every aspect of inbound marketing is measurable.  The next time you run a billboard campaign, television commercial, or direct mail campaign ask yourself or your marketing firm to track the following;

    • The EXACT number of people that see your ad
    • The EXACT number of leads generated from your ad
    • The EXACT number of new customers the ad delivered
    • The ROI from the ad campaign

    The cost to acquire a lead in 2011:

    • Outbound Marketing    $373.00
    • Inbound Marketing      $143.00

    The cost of leads is one of the most telling statistics you will see below and is one we look at everyday as we consult with business owners on their marketing strategies. Increasing qualified leads and decreasing your Cost of Customer Acquisition (COCA) is crucial to any businesses long-term success. 

    The infographic below will show you why inbound marketing is here to stay!


    INFOGRAPHIC: The Inbound Marketing Explosion



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