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    5 Simple Steps to Creating Landing Pages that Convert

    Posted by Inbound Marketing Agents

    If you were driving down this highway, you would have two choices? Left or Right. As a landing Page the only thing you can do is read the sign. This is a "click through" landing page that is non-traditional, but it gets the visitor to second base and visually appealing.

    Tip 1)    Don't over develop your landing pages. Your landing page has 3 seconds to capture the attention of the visitor and convert on the Call To Action button that brought them to the landing page.  Simple and straight to what the visitor will receive if they complete your form.


    Landing Page Amerifirst

    Amerifirst has done a great job by keeping this landing page simple, but they have also used the cover of The Essential Guide to Buying Your First Home as a great visual component. They hav also included a very simple form to complete to download the guide.

    Tip 2)  Use a picture that show the content the visitor is requesting. This will help the visitor connect with your offer.  If you do not have a picture of what you are offering try to use a picture that will convey your message.

    Tip3)  Amerifirst used a very short form for the visitor to complete prior to downloading the Guide. The key here is that the form has 6 boxes to complete, but ONLY three are required (first name, email, and State).  Collecting data on your landing pages is great, but if you require too much information from your visitor your conversion rate will suffer. Only ask for the information you truly need for your specific business.  In most cases you should only require a first name and email address.


    Landing Page SEOMoz

    At first glance this may not appear to be a landing page. It isn't, but they have used landing page methodology on their pricing page which is the most important page on their site.  Including testimonials on a landing page is a great way to increase conversions as they give the visitor a reason to trust you, especially if they are a first time visitor to your site.

    Tip 4)  Build Trust. Not only has SEOMOZ given you the names of clients that use their PRO service, but they have also included the Verisign logo next to the CTA to try their product for free. Verisign is the gold standard for ecommerce and their client list is very impressive.

    Tip 5)  No navigation. If you are new to landing pages you will notice that none of the examples above contain navigation menus at the top of the page. This is a key element of landing page design as you are trying to guide the visitor to take action and complete your form.  You do not want to give them an easy way to navigate away from your landing pages.  Without a navigation menu the visitor will have to complete the form or click the back button to exit the page.

    Landing pages are a crucial component of your inbound marketing strategy as you capture lead data and push them down your sales funnel. Use these tips to create great landing pages and increase your conversion rates.  And don't forget that a great landing page starts with  great Call to Action to get the visitor to the landing page.


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