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    Why Content is King to your Inbound Marketing Strategy

    Posted by Inbound Marketing Agents


    Every year there are new buzzwords that promise to engage your consumer, the current buzzword is Content Marketing. Content Marketing can be defined as any marketing format that engages current and potential consumers by creating and sharing content. Content Marketing has proven to be a valuable Inbound Marketing tactic. Content can be anything from a blog post to a widget or a video that can be published online that provides value.

    Before you stop me and say that creating content sounds overwhelming and requires too much of your time and effort. Look at the advantages that you can achieve from utilizing content.


    • Google’s new algorithm update [Google to Penalize Sites that Overuse SEO Techniques] rewards those who produce lots of good valuable content to its visitors, and punish those whose content does not add value. By using unique, and valuable content you assure yourself and your site a spot on Google’s Nice List.
    • Consumers are more likely to share valuable content with in their networks, helping your brand get more exposure and more brand recognition. Plus even if the consumer does not share the content with their network, they are more likely to search for your brand name to locate that content again.
    • Distributing valuable content will also to help increase your Social Media Optimization (SMO).  With quality content you are more likely to be shared on social media platforms: retweeted, repinned, Liked, etc which Google will see and therefore increase the likelyhood that your page will be ranked higher. Also with your content being shared in social media you are building your brand and reach on that platform.

    As for the argument that it is too time consuming and labor intensive, first it is one strategy that will not only produce results, but also get easier to produce. One easy (or painless) strategy is to repurpose content. There is not always a need to produce original content, use what you may already have or is out there in different ways. For example you can take the contents of an eBook and extract the information for a blog post. Depending on the source you may even get to more than one blog post out of it or a blog and a webinar (catching on yet?). Other strategies that can be used are to take advantage of your employee’s expertise, use guest bloggers, and even guest speakers for webinars.  You can even have your consumers produce some of your content.

    Bottom line is that if you take the time and effort to start creating valuable content, not only will the process of creation become easier, but you will also see an increase your organic search. Make  “Blogging is like jogging” your new Inbound Marketing motto and you will never look back.

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