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Infographic: The Whirlwind History of YouTube

history of youtube

How Well Do You Know This Internet Juggernaut?

Most people who use the internet on a regular basis are familiar with YouTube, the most popular video website in the world, with users watching 6 billion hours of videos on the site each month. YouTube is also the 5th most visited website in the world, falling behind only such behemoths as Google, Facebook and Yahoo. When you look at the video websites that attracted impressive amounts of unique viewers last year, YouTube was the decisive winner, with over 128 million. That’s compared to the site’s closest competitor, Vevo, which attracted just over 37 million unique viewers.


5 Kinds of Videos That Will Supercharge Your Inbound Marketing

inbound marketing

Guest Post: Video Content Marketing

Word is out that video is a growing channel for many marketing departments. There are a variety of different reasons to invest in this area of growth, but the most important one should be for your bottom dollar: Experts estimate that those who have video in their inbound marketing strategies are up to 85 percent more likely to get viewers to convert into customers. When it comes to pinning down just the right way to use video, or which clips to use, it really depends on the circumstances and the budget. One thing that's clear, however, is that in this digital age of storytelling you must include something that will be both powerful and profound. Here are five examples of proven ways to make a lasting impact on your viewers, to get them to click through seeking to learn more:


Are Videos the Most Efficient Inbound Marketing Tactic?

video marketing

A Crash Course in Video Marketing



17 Fresh, Fly and Tweetable Stats on Video Content Marketing

video content marketing

What does research say about video and content marketing?

The numbers are in, and video is definitely here to stay. In a recent survey of over 600 marketing professionals, Axonn Research found that the vast majority - 78%  of brands - will increase the frequency and volume of their video content in the future. If you’re not using visual content in some capacity, you’ll likely be left behind.


Why Inbound Video Ads Should Use First-Person Angles

inbound video

Visual experience advertisements

A growing trend in video ads, especially for tech products, is the use of a first-person camera angle to allow the viewer to feel the experience. The majority of these styles of video ads do away with voiceovers and spokespeople, allowing the experience to do the talking. As a marketing strategy, these ads are extremely effective because of their ability to deliver an experience to the audience.


CrowdFlik: Crowdsource Your Visual Content Marketing

visual content

Seamless Video Marketing

Have you ever been to a concert and tried to take a video on your phone? It can be nearly impossible to record a quality clip, with crowds in the way, shaky hands, poor audio, or even bad seats.  Phone videos from concerts rarely do the performance any justice, and serve more just as physical proof you attended a show. However, a new application has the ability to turn short camera-phone videos into pieces of a video montage. CrowdFlik allows people attending a concert to select the best videos from the show and edit them together into a single recording.


5 Big Brands that are Totally Winning at YouTube

youtube inbound marketing

Visual Content Domination

Companies are definitely learning the value of YouTube, with more than 1 billion unique users visiting YouTube each month; the social media tool has become a critical part of marketing and business strategy.  YouTube offers companies the ability to give customers a virtual tour and inside look at their business, an opportunity to build credibility with their audience by offering visually engaging content and the option to drive more traffic to a company website with very little investment. In a recent social media study by Burson-Marsteller, YouTube showed the largest growth in corporate social media use jumping from 39 percent to 79 percent in the last year. Companies are embracing video and multimedia marketing and here are five examples of companies that have very compelling YouTube profiles and why they are shining examples of multimedia marketing.


Faux Pas and Slam Dunks in the Marketing Humor World

humor in marketing

How to Use Humor in Your Marketing

Personalizing your brand is a must. You know this from the reaction you get to your own business’s efforts to reach its customers on a personal level. The same can be said for failing to do so; interactions, conversation and general interest in your brand declines sharply when you fail to engage your followers on social media in ways that resonate, even if it’s something as simple as making them laugh.


10 Questions to Ask Before Setting Up a Company YouTube Channel

youtube inbound marketing

Guest Post: Are You Ready for YouTube?

When you and the members of your inbound marketing team have a meeting about your new YouTube channel, there are some questions you need to ask. If you set out with a nonchalant attitude, then you are going to run the risk of a public relations or reputation management snafu. YouTube is just like any other information dissemination method, which means that if you mess up via YouTube, then your company reputation could suffer irreparably. And who can afford that?


10 Ways to Improve the SEO of Your Video Content on YouTube

youtube seo

Viral-Ready Video Tips

Your company might be focusing too hard on ranking on Google. YouTube, the world’s 2nd-largest search engine, shows no signs of stopping. The latest statistics report that over 800 million unique visitors search for content on the site each day, and over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month. If your organization isn’t actively creating visual content and working to achieve a high ranking on YouTube, it’s high time to get started. There’s a unique set of best practices for ranking well on the network, and we’ve curated some of our favorite tips to help you dominate your niche:

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