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5 Pretty Awful Super Bowl Commercials from Recent Years

Statue facepalms from watching bad super bowl commercials

Companies Spend Millions of Dollars for Prime Ad Space During the Big Game. Are These Ads the Best Their Money Could Buy?

Have you ever been to a movie that was so bad that you wanted to walk out of the theater, but stayed because you thought it’d get better? Well, that’s how we feel about some of the recent years’ Super Bowl commercials. We could’ve gone farther back in archives of commercials but some things are better left in the past.


5 of Our All-Time Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

watching the super bowl

The List Was Long, But We Narrowed Down Our Favorite Ads From Sundays Past

One of the biggest days of the year for Americans will soon be upon us. There will be a roar of thousands of fans, the smell of hot dogs, barbeque and beer, men and women alike donning their favorite teams jerseys and a time of gathering with friends and family. Yes, it’s Super Bowl time! (Also, a main cause why most Americans miss work on Monday. - It really does feel like it should be a holiday weekend.)


Are Your Videos Reaching the Right Viewers?

Video is a key component of content strategy

5 Corporate YouTube Channels Effectively Targeting The Right Buyer Personas

Video is becoming an increasingly popular form of content. In fact, 74% of internet traffic in 2017 will be video, estimates Invodo. Easily digestible, easily sharable and easily brandable, video as a communication platform should not be overlooked.


Increase Your Video SEO in 4 Steps [VIDEO]

4 Steps to SEOing Your Video

Optimize Your Video for Search Results and Shares

Here's a statistic that should make you stop and think: After 72 hours, the average person will remember 10 percent of what he reads but 95 percent of what he sees in a video. 95 percent.


Video: 6 Ways to Improve Your Decision-Making Skills

decision-making skills

Decision Making Made Easy

As employees, we each possess many different qualities that help us fit in and excel at our jobs. Maybe you’re great in a crisis, are wonderful at managing a team, or really excel at making awesome PowerPoints. Maybe you’ve been honing your soft skills, reading up on inner-office communication or feel at home planning an office party or outing. We all have our strong points and hopefully we use them to their optimum levels each and every day.


5 Kinds of Videos That Will Supercharge Your Inbound Marketing

inbound marketing

Guest Post: Video Content Marketing

Word is out that video is a growing channel for many marketing departments. There are a variety of different reasons to invest in this area of growth, but the most important one should be for your bottom dollar: Experts estimate that those who have video in their inbound marketing strategies are up to 85 percent more likely to get viewers to convert into customers. When it comes to pinning down just the right way to use video, or which clips to use, it really depends on the circumstances and the budget. One thing that's clear, however, is that in this digital age of storytelling you must include something that will be both powerful and profound. Here are five examples of proven ways to make a lasting impact on your viewers, to get them to click through seeking to learn more:


Are Videos the Most Efficient Inbound Marketing Tactic?

video marketing

A Crash Course in Video Marketing



17 Fresh, Fly and Tweetable Stats on Video Content Marketing

video content marketing

What does research say about video and content marketing?

The numbers are in, and video is definitely here to stay. In a recent survey of over 600 marketing professionals, Axonn Research found that the vast majority - 78%  of brands - will increase the frequency and volume of their video content in the future. If you’re not using visual content in some capacity, you’ll likely be left behind.


Why Inbound Video Ads Should Use First-Person Angles

inbound video

Visual experience advertisements

A growing trend in video ads, especially for tech products, is the use of a first-person camera angle to allow the viewer to feel the experience. The majority of these styles of video ads do away with voiceovers and spokespeople, allowing the experience to do the talking. As a marketing strategy, these ads are extremely effective because of their ability to deliver an experience to the audience.


CrowdFlik: Crowdsource Your Visual Content Marketing

visual content

Seamless Video Marketing

Have you ever been to a concert and tried to take a video on your phone? It can be nearly impossible to record a quality clip, with crowds in the way, shaky hands, poor audio, or even bad seats.  Phone videos from concerts rarely do the performance any justice, and serve more just as physical proof you attended a show. However, a new application has the ability to turn short camera-phone videos into pieces of a video montage. CrowdFlik allows people attending a concert to select the best videos from the show and edit them together into a single recording.

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