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The Savviest Tips for Twitter: 6 Ways to Integrate Your Website

twitter integration

Twitter Tools for Your Social Media Strategy

So, you added social buttons to the header of your website, next to your other contact information. Now you think you’re socially integrated. We hate to break it to you, but that’s not integration. There’s no appeal to your visitors to click those buttons. You have to encourage your visitors to interact with you socially and make social media part of the user experience of your website. Twitter has created several simple and quick ways to integrate with your website and enrich user experience, and each method has a proven track record of success.

Marketing Karma: Taco Bell Teaches Us Selflessness

Christine Teigen on top of IN this case

Selfless Marketing Techniques

No one has an unlimited advertising budget, so the selfless route is often a hard sell. After all, with only so much money to spend on marketing, why would you give your time to someone else? Before you toss the idea out the window for good, you may want to consider the different ways to apply selfless marketing to your company and how these techniques could boost your business beyond your wildest dreams.

The Social Media Manager's Guide to Fangirling on Twitter

social media manager

Engaging Your Twitter Audience

Twitter is fantastic. It’s like the first time you ever eat chicken and waffles, and you realize that nothing is ever going to be the same again. Life has suddenly improved and now you’re doing the electric slide everywhere you go. Making meaningful connections with other businesses, whether you are using Twitter for your business or personal use, is just that delightful.

How to Build Your Social Media Strategy Like a Delicious Pizza

social media strategy

Building the Perfect Strategy

Pizza and social media strategies aren’t so dissimilar. One is covered in cheesy goodness and makes you happy, and one is composed of (sometimes) cheesy content and makes everyone happy. But in order to succeed at creating both, you need to strategize a little. I’ll try to stretch this metaphor as wide as possible in order to explain this concept. Bon apétit!

I Saw What You Tweeted: 4 Confessions of a Social Media Manager

social media manager

I Read Your Tweets.

Twitter is like a really cheesy flea market, with all sorts of off-brand sunglasses and lamps trying to grab your attention. But occasionally, I think people Tweeting their “goods” hide preposterous things in plain sight; assuming that no one will see them. Like a stinky sock or used dental floss. Friends, I am here to tell you that I can see those stinky sock Tweets you think no one notices. I see the typos, the philosophizing at early hours, the rage Tweets. When I am monitoring for work looking for something good to ReTweet, I spy your ridiculous contribution to the massive (and growing) Twitter community.

10 Twitter Brands that Are Worth a Second Date

twitter strategy

Stellar Social Marketing

There are some brands (and celebrities that are their own brand) that we are all a little bit in love with. They have great manners, they would probably foot the bill, and they are almost certainly worth a second date. At the very least, they’re worth a solid ReTweet. This is a compilation of accounts that give us the butterflies in our stomach, and show us how brands (and celebrities) can make us feel like a natural woman. Metaphorically speaking.

How B2B Sales Managers Can Use Twitter as a Tool for Prospecting

Twitter for Prospecting

Twitter for B2B Sales

6 Ways to Make (and Keep!) Friends on Twitter

twitter strategy

Twitter BFFs

There are a billion reasons why businesses (and regular folk) should make strong connections on Twitter. Even if it’s only for the small electric shock of joy you get when someone “favorites” your Tweet. And Twitter is not just a waste of time. It’s a great tool for businesses to reach out to customers and new faces, and vice versa.

The 17 Trickiest Twitter Hashtag Tips to Help You Crush it On Twitter

how to use hashtags on twitter

Tag Like a Pro

In the time it takes you to read this sentence, Twitter users worldwide have published upwards of 20,000 messages. The world’s fastest-moving self-publishing platform, Twitter content is generated so quickly, the Library of Congress is even struggling to keep up. Hashtags are a bit like life jackets for brands—when used correctly, they can support you and get you noticed in a wide sea of activity. It’s unfortunate that many of the hashtag efforts that make headlines are due to their misuse. (Brands who fail to research trending tags correctly lose fans and followers due to insensitivity.) To ensure you get all the right kinds of attention, join us in learning the basic principles of tagging the right way:

5 Nashville Brands That Shine in the Twitterverse

Nashville social media

Music City Does Right by Twitter

Using social media to promote your brand or build its mystique is one of the most effective methods of connecting your product to modern consumers. Brands that have mastered the effective marketing of their product through social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr have a decided advantage over their less social-media-savvy competitors.

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