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5 Startup Tips You Never Knew Existed

startup tips

Tricks to Keeping Your Startup Afloat

While there are many things that go into a startup, there are a few things that always get overlooked by entrepreneurs.  In their zealousness to be in business for themselves, many people always do the things that they love and are comfortable with while missing some key steps to running a well-tuned organization. 

5 Ways to Crush Your Competition With Custom Podcasts

social media strategy

Building the Best Marketing Podcast  

Blogs are great, but there are a couple of situations where they may not be the best thing for people to read—when they’re running on the treadmill at the gym, or navigating post-work traffic, for example. What can be more useful for those situations? Podcasts. Your business’s fans can get all the benefits of mining your expertise, without switching attention between what’s on the screen in front of them and what they’re doing.

Twitter Tutorial: Unleash One-Click Social Sharing in Content

twitter tutorial

How to Add a Tweet-it Button

SEO is heavily-driven by quality links from websites in your niche. Nope, that's so early 2012. Links still matter, but social media shares have also begun to play a strong role in your website's ranking. And why not? Nielson research found that in 2012, 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family more than any form of advertising. That's an 18% increase from 2007. Social media conversations have become a driving force in purchase decisions, so it's a factor search engines can no longer ignore. Google and other major search engines actually crawl the content generated by each of Facebook's 1 billion users and the 340 million Tweets published each day. 

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A Crash Course in the Smarketing Funnel

marketing lessons for beginners

Smarketing for Beginners

It never ceases to amaze me how many modern marketers don't have a defined funnel where they can identify points of leverage and focus for their teams!

10 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Twitter Strategy

creating a twitter strategy

Social Media Strategy: Twitter Optimization

What if we were to tell you there's a free method of connecting with over 500 million internet users, 140 million of whom live in the United States? With no cost other than your time, you can define your brand, gain customers, scope out your competitions' leads and even perform market research.

Twitter is among the most powerful tools for growing and defining your brand. The micro-blogging platform has grown into an international wealth of user-generated content that could offer insight into what your clients really want or help you connect with industry thought-leaders. We've compiled 10 of the most effective ways to get started on Twitter:

Social Media Strategy: 7 Tips On How to Use Hashtags on Twitter

how to use hashtags on Twitter

Hashtag Ideas for Small Business

Are you looking to increase your social media reach and engagement rate? Well, who isn't? There are over 200 million tweets published each day, and your content needs to be found in order to earn shares or retweets. If you haven't started learning how to use hashtags on Twitter for small business, this clever social media trick might be just the boost you need.  While there is no unique SEO value of a hashtag, they significantly increases the searchability of social media content.

Why Your Business Needs to Start Social Media Stalking


Revolutionary Data Mining Tips

Are you Facebook stalking again? I remember spending hours on Facebook back when it was a closed network for college students and employees of certain tech companies. In the age before the Facebook feed, you had to scope out people by heading directly to their profile, an activity known on my college campus as Facebook stalking. Fast forward 6 years, and it seems that social media stalking might actually be a really smart move for developing an inbound marketing strategy, at least for companies who are interested in cheap insight into their clients and market. 

NM Incite marketing research recently released an whitepaper titled The Customer First Imperative which details ways we can all use social media as a market for insight. Here are a few highlights of the content:

7 Advanced Ways to Use Twitter for Small Business

mastering advanced twitter technique for inbound marketing strategy

Mastering Twitter for Business

So, you're feeling ready for a little more advanced inbound marketing strategy? You've mastered how to use hashtags on twitter and created a few lists of followers? Maybe you're even hijacking your competitor's twitter lists for a surge of fresh leads. Regardless, we've compiled a few interesting Twitter tips for intermediate and advanced users of the network to start working towards better ROI. Are you ready to refine your inbound marketing strategy?

Has Your Company Graduated From Social Media School Yet?

common social media mistakes

3 Common Social Media Mistakes

In case you hadn't heard, the growth of social media as a tool for business shows no signs of stopping. As of August 2012, 72% of marketers saw an increasing demand for social media services. The fact is that many of us are still getting used to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest as real tools to promote our brands and manage public image.

Even relatively-savvy millennials can make some serious social media errors from time to time. From misunderstanding the various types of personal Tweets to trying to marketing your business on the wrong kind of Facebook profile, here are the mistakes your small business should strive to avoid:

7 Ways to Take Advantage of Google

tips for using google

Google Like a Rockstar

Americans spend nearly 65 trillion minutes each month searching online for productions, solutions and answers. Imagine if you could cut way back on the time you spend trying to use Google to find information. The world's leading search engine understands that finding anything is tough in the era of content abundance, and there are number of Google search tricks to make your job way easier. Whether you're a content creator or just trying to impress someone, it can't hurt to know how to get what you want from search and fast. Once you've adopted Google search tricks, you'll wonder how you ever found any information without them:

1. Site-Specific Search

So, remember that one time you read that really great article on Seth Godin's marketing blog or CNN.Com? Too bad you can't remember exactly what the title was and have to wade through pages of search results from BBC, New York Times and hundreds of other websites. Truth is, you can perform a specific search with a simple Google search trick. To get started, all you need is to add "site:www.chosenwebsite.com" after your chosen phrase. If I was trying to find something about Pinterest written by Hubspot, my query would look like this: "Pinterest site:www.hubspot.com"

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