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SEO and Your Inbound Marketing Strategy - Part 2

seo and inbound marketing strategy

Optimizing Your Content and Social Media Efforts


SEO and Your Inbound Marketing Strategy (Part 1)

search engine optimization

Optimization Before You Even Write a Word

There are many ideas about what makes up a good inbound marketing strategy, but there is one thing that always makes the list.

5 Common SEO Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Free Webinar

5 SEO Mistakes You Might Be Making

Do you want to drive more traffic to your website? What is your company currently doing to make sure that its website, content, and social media outreach are optimized for both your customers and search engines?

Not sure about search engine optimization? You’re not alone. Most business owners, and even marketers, aren't sure how to go about optimizing their sites for search engines.  This is where we come in.  We know SEO: We study it.  We test it. We implement it. Now, we are ready to share it with you on April 9th, absolutely free, in our webinar: 5 SEO Mistakes You Can Easily Change Today.


Video: Is Guest Blogging Dead?

learning seo from the experts

The State of Guest Blogging in 2014


Infographic: The New Rules of Search Engine Optimization

seo infographic

Can You be Successful in the New World of SEO?

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A Day in the Life of a Google Webspam Fighter

google spam

Matt Cutts Shares How Google Spamfighters Make Searches Better

Because Google has an obvious and well-known hate for spam, spammers, and anything else of a spammy nature, the search algorithms are constantly updated to outsmart those who insist on cheating the system. We’re all aware of how shady content “marketers” and “guest bloggers” tore down the whole keyword and link building algorithms upon which inbound marketing was built. This, of course, is why we can’t have nice things. Because someone out there is always looking for the next way to cheat, Google has spamfighters at the ready at all times.


Video: Is Guest Blogging Dead?

learning seo from the experts

Guest Blogging Practices in 2014


Is it True that Guest Blogging's Really Dead?

guest blogging dead?

Hummingbird Takes Down Yet Another Ancient SEO Practice

As a business blogger, you’re probably no stranger to guest blogging, whether you welcome them to your page or seek out other blogs on which to appear. The reasons for this action have historically been to spread your website links far and wide, because Google rewarded companies with many links a higher spot in the search results. Of course, as with all wonderful things, someone had to go and abuse the practice. Guest blogging strategies truly ran the gamut, from pure spam to quality content sharing.


The 3 Most Common Types of Damaging Duplicate Content

common types of duplicate content

SEO Duplicate Content Mistakes

Duplicate content is sort of like the common cold. It’s annoying, it hinders your ability to get things done, and when you catch it it’s usually your fault. Of course no one aims to contract the cold – often times the illness is incurred by not washing your hands as often as you should, or eating too much junk food, or just not getting enough sleep.


5 SEO Metrics You'll Regret Not Measuring

seo metrics

Which SEO Metrics Are The Most Important to Track?

If you know much about inbound marketing, you know that metrics are the key factor that differentiates this arm of marketing from all the others. Tracking metrics allows inbound marketers to make wise, informed decisions about how they’ll promote a product, rather than simply taking a swing at what feels right. When you track metrics, you can determine exactly why some projects succeed and others fail.

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