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Changes to Google Adwords: Updates from the 5/5 Livestream

google 5/15 product announcements

There's been some major updates in the paid search realm these past few weeks.


SEO FAQ: What is Your Brand’s Real Risk of Spam Penalization?

seo spam penalization

Spam penalization is no myth. Organizations whose websites are perceived as untrustworthy by Google can experience a sudden drop in rankings. For brands of all sizes, this drastic drop can cause a serious and instantaneous drop in revenue.


Mobilegeddon Follow Up: SEO Implications of Google's Lastest Update

mobile geddon

It's now been nearly two weeks since the release of "Mobilegeddon," the major update to Google's search algorithm that was released on 4/21/2015. This major website penalized websites that did not provide a positive user experience for mobile users via a mobile site or effective responsive design. Anticipation following this algorithm update was pretty intense, to say the least, and quite a few SEO experts believed the impact on SMB organizations could be greater than Panda or Penguin.


SEO Infographic: a Brief History of Panda and Penguin

seo infographic

A History of Google Search Algorithms

Nearly everyone uses Google to search for what they need on the web. In fact, well over 80% of consumers perform product and service research using search engines. Many of us can't even remember or imagine a world where answers, dinner, and branded solutions were any harder to find than a search on our smart phones.

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Garbage Be Gone: Google Introduces New Truth-Detection Superpowers

google knowledge

Have you ever posted a viral meme or article link on social media, only to find out you were guilty of spreading false info?


Google to Start Penalizing Non-Mobile Sites

Mobile Sites to Be Rewarded by Google

A New Algorithm Update Will 'Significantly Impact' Sites Without Mobile Compatibility

Rumors have been circulating for some time. The warning signs have been there, showing us the way. And, as of last week, the news is official: Google wants you to mobile-ize your website. 


Infographic: An SEO Checklist for Your Blogs


Want to Ensure that Your Blogs Are SEO-Ready?

As the demand for relevant content in online marketing continues to rise, so does the demand for optimizing that content for search engines. If you aren’t sure what we mean by “optimizing for search engines,” allow us to explain.


SEO vs. PPC: Comparing 3 Factors of Search Based Marketing

PPC vs SEO image

Guest Post: Which Search Method Yields the Most ROI for Your Business?

SEO and PPC are two of the most important marketing channels for any business with a website. They are constantly confused and sometimes not completely understood. Many businesses must decide which one to choose, and a lack of resources can mean that a wrong choice impacts a business significantly, especially for small businesses. There is a correct answer for every business that depends on multiple factors. Taking these factors into account can help you make the correct decision and receive the most return for your investment.

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The 13 Sneakiest LinkedIn SEO Tips to Boost Your Profile’s Views

13 LinkedIn Profile SEO tips

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Better Search Results

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Let’s Talk About Alt-Text

Alt-Text is Key to SEO

How Using Alternative Text on Images Can Improve Your SEO

Following all of the rules can be challenging, especially if you’re an Aquarius. And in terms of Google rules, it can be even more of a challenge. Why? Because when it comes to explaining their rules, how to follow them, and why, Google thrives on obscurity.

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