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September’s Top 5 Sales and Marketing Articles, Videos and Webinars

sales and marketing articles

Inspire Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

September was a busy month. Football is back. The Government shut down. Kids are back in school. And holy cow was there some great content created for business owners, marketers, and salespeople that you surely don’t want to miss. 


6 Ways to Get a Marketing Job as a Recent College Grad

job search, work, college grad

The job hunt is here and it's daunting. 

Whether you graduated last May or are just now beginning your final year of college, the time to look for the marketing job of your dreams is upon you, and it’s daunting. You’re probably scared that there aren’t enough jobs out there for you. Or maybe you just keep running into entry-level jobs that somehow require 2-5 years of experience.

Marketing Images and Legal Woes

marketing images

Is Your Company at Risk Due to Your Marketing Images?

When you pass a candy bar at Walmart, and you really, really want it, but you know you don’t have the cash to pay for it, what do you do? If you’re like the vast majority of people, you leave it there, knowing that stealing is wrong. Not only do we fear legal repercussions, but we also have those little niggling feelings in the backs of our heads: GUILT. Our moral compasses lead us away from wrong, and it’s up to us to obey.

Making the Switch From the Main HubSpot Competitor: Marketo

hubspot versus marketo

HubSpot vs. Marketo

As I interviewed for my next position in the wonderful world of marketing, I wondered if I would have to leave my golden days with the glitz and glamor of Marketo behind. I felt a strong connection with the marketing automation system that I had spent so much time with. It was my baby, as I implemented the system and married it to Salesforce, and what helped to create sales ready leads for my “client,” the sales team. First lesson learned, once you choose a marketing automation system, you have blinders on for all other solutions.

5 Phenomenal, Free SEO Tools and Resources

free seo tools


Did I just say “free”? Why yes I did. Who doesn’t like things that are free, right? And being that we are talking about free SEO tools, these could be classified as triple threats. Amazing! In this article, we have put together a list of the top 5 free SEO tools that will help you move your site move up the page ranks. Simply email me your credit card number and I’ll Fed-Ex you the top free SEO tools within 7-10 business days. I’m joking, of course. Just keep reading!  

15 Social Media Strategy Blogs You Should Be Reading

social media strategy

Socialize More

Can anyone escape building a strong social media presence in 2013? In case you’re wondering, we think the answer is a resounding no. The benefits are irrefutable, for brands, personal brands and everything in between. Do social, and do it well.

9 Invaluable Resources for an Inbound Marketing Education

inbound marketing education

Inbound Marketing Insights

With inbound marketing on the rise globally, it is quickly becoming the centerpiece of many business marketing strategies. Companies are finding inbound marketing costs 62% less per lead than traditional outbound marketing. The question many are asking is, where do you turn to get a great inbound marketing education?

Secret Facebook Groups, QR Codes and Other Mystery Marketing Ideas

mystery marketing

Be a Little Enigmatic

You know a marketing campaign was really good if we’re still talking about it years after the fact. Prior to the release of director Christopher Nolan’s film, The Dark Knight Rises, hype surrounding the film reached near cult-status thanks to some really great mystery marketing. May 19, 2012, the film website went live, but the only content was a black screen and chanting sounds. The geekiest fans figured out within hours that the chanting, when fed through sound-wave visualization software, was advising social media users to Tweet the hashtag #TheFireRises. The more fans used the hashtag, the more of an image was exposed, finally revealing Tom Hardy as Bane.

A Crash Course in the Smarketing Funnel

marketing lessons for beginners

Smarketing for Beginners

It never ceases to amaze me how many modern marketers don't have a defined funnel where they can identify points of leverage and focus for their teams!

Why Your Business Needs to Start Social Media Stalking


Revolutionary Data Mining Tips

Are you Facebook stalking again? I remember spending hours on Facebook back when it was a closed network for college students and employees of certain tech companies. In the age before the Facebook feed, you had to scope out people by heading directly to their profile, an activity known on my college campus as Facebook stalking. Fast forward 6 years, and it seems that social media stalking might actually be a really smart move for developing an inbound marketing strategy, at least for companies who are interested in cheap insight into their clients and market. 

NM Incite marketing research recently released an whitepaper titled The Customer First Imperative which details ways we can all use social media as a market for insight. Here are a few highlights of the content:

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