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Tips for Staying Professional on Pinterest

pinterest, social media

A Guideline to Pinterest for Your Business

So you’ve decided that Pinterest is a good move for your business – congrats! Pinterest can be a great way to interact with fans and customers while sharing content that helps people better understand and relate to your brand. But depending on your line of work, it can be tricky to maintain a professional Pinterest profile.  

Creative Content Marketing with Pinterest Dream Boards

Pinterest dream boards

Collaging for Business

Remember making collages back in your school days? Spending all that time cutting pictures and phrases out of magazines, newspapers, and then some? Whether you made them for school or for the walls of your bedroom, collages & dream boards took a lot of patience, paper cut-tolerance, and Elmer’s glue sticks. We’ve got good news for those of you who miss the fun of making dream boards, but not the mess: Pinterest.

Ignoring Pinterest Could Be a Recipe for Disaster

Pinterest for marketers

Pinterest Offers Sweet Rewards for Your Business

We don’t deny it; Pinterest has a reputation for the silly and unnecessary. Where do you go to get recipes for organic pancakes or homemade Nutella? Pinterest. Where do you go to get ideas for decorating your small bathroom? Pinterest. Where do you go to see the latest fashion for hipsters? Pinterest. Where do you go… Well, we all get the picture. As a social media platform, Pinterest has gained users at a breakneck speed, and many of those subscribers are just there to have a little fun. For this reason, ignoring this powerful tool comes all too easily. If you’ve decided the “niche” social media network just isn’t for you, we’ve got a new recipe for you.


How to Drive Blog Traffic With Pinterest

drive blog traffic with pinterest

Take a Pin from These B2B Pinterest Boards

B2B companies all know they need to be on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. But Pinterest? Since it’s so consumer-oriented, the image pinning site isn’t as attractive to B2B companies. But even if it doesn’t seem like it caters to your target audience, Pinterest is worth paying attention to. Because you never know who a Pinner is connected to—it could be your next big buyer. To help you drive Pinterest traffic to your blog, we’ve looked at some of the most successful B2B companies on Pinterest and identified what they do really well to make their profiles work. Try some of these tips when you’re designing your boards.

The 5 Worst Stereotypes about Social Media Managers

social media managers

Rumor or Reality?

Today, businesses of every size are realizing the importance of having qualified, capable, full-time staff engaging and elevating their social media presence. However, because this role is still relatively new, some people think the job is best suited for a young intern or their tech-savvy granddaughter.  

How to Blow Up Pinterest Like a Dang Car in an Action Movie

pinterest marketing

Ready for a Pinterest Explosion?

Pinterest may seem a little bit daunting and downright cray cray to use for business, but we promise, it is completely worth it. In fact, Wire reported that “a Pinterest user is 72 percent more likely to have found an item to buy on the site than a Facebook user.” Many businesses are turned off from using the site because they aren’t sure what to pin or how to appropriately mix what they sell with the casual stuff that people like to browse on the site. Grab yourself a metaphorical stick of marketing dynamite and let me teach you how to blow your business Pinterest UP.

How to Build Your Social Media Strategy Like a Delicious Pizza

social media strategy

Building the Perfect Strategy

Pizza and social media strategies aren’t so dissimilar. One is covered in cheesy goodness and makes you happy, and one is composed of (sometimes) cheesy content and makes everyone happy. But in order to succeed at creating both, you need to strategize a little. I’ll try to stretch this metaphor as wide as possible in order to explain this concept. Bon apétit!

21 Pinspirational Ways to Turn Your Pinterest Addiction into Profit

pinterest tips

Dominate Pinterest Business Pages

Pinterest is unstoppable. While some may still consider it a niche network for individuals with interests in home decorating or DIY hair styles, the data indicate otherwise. In early 2012, it soared to the third most popular social media network worldwide, beating out LinkedIn and Google+. Truth is, behind all those boards of homemade birthday party decorations and decadent desserts is a lot of potential for marketers who know how to leverage the format to drive traffic. Check out these stats on the rise of the network:

Infographic: The 10 Commandments of Pinterest Blog Promotion

Pinterest blog promotion

Pinning for Profit

Since the news broke December 8, 2012 that the White House had started an official Twitter account (though they had to settle for the user handle WhiteHouse44), it seems there’s no better time to get started on the network than now. Pinterest users spend more money than users of any other major social media network, and the network has grown 145% since January 2012. Research also indicates that 81% of US consumers trust pins as a source for information. Who wouldn’t want to use it as a tool for blog promotion? 

Pinterest Is Only For Girls...Not

pinterest, guys

The Gender Dynamics of Pinterest

Is Pinterest a women’s site? Statistics would indicate that the answer is yes, at least for Pinterest use in America: according to a recent survey of social media demographics conducted by Pingdom, 79% of Pinterest users in the United States are female, while Pinterest use is more balanced in the U.K.

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