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Is Your eCommerce Site Ready for Holiday Traffic?

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3 Ways to Optimize Your Retail Website for the Holiday Season

For online retailers, Cyber Monday is no longer the starting gun for the crucial holiday shopping season. Black Friday is now one of the busiest shopping days of the year online, as well as in stores. As soon as the sun sets on Thanksgiving night, your website has to be ready. Can your website handle the coming rush? It's never too early to bolster your website's ecommerce fundamentals.

What Big Data Means for Marketers

Big Data is Valuable to Marketers

3 Lessons Marketing Pros Need To Learn From Big Data

If you haven’t noticed yet, big data and analytics are serious buzz words right now. Just last year, Harvard Business Review declared that data scientist was the “sexiest” job of the century. Some experts even believe that big data will have a bigger impact on business than the IT revolution of the late 20th century. Can you even imagine what life was like when companies used typewriters instead of computers, and file cabinets instead of search engines? Technology changed everything, and so will big data.


Are We Speaking the Same (Marketing) Language?

Defining confusion marketing terms

17 Commonly Misunderstood Marketing Terms 

CTR. Algorithm. MQL. Are you feeling confused yet?


Terrifying Professional Moments and the Lessons They Taught Us

Beware of Entering Sign

IMA Staff Members Reveal Our Scariest Professional Challenges

No matter where you are in your career path, you likely have at least one terrifying professional moment that defined you. Or at the very least, that moment taught you a lesson that you have hopefully carried with you.


9 Marketing & Business SlideShares to Watch Today

SlideShare Logo Latte Art

Learn Tactics and Strategies To Grow Your Business Through These Online Presentations 

What do sports carswearable technology and e-finance have in common? You can learn about all of these topics on SlideShare.


Business Email Etiquette Rules You Should Adopt Today

Too Many Emails in Your Inbox

How You Communicate in Email Reflects Your Personal & Business Brand

How many emails do you currently have in your work inbox? “Too many” is a common response among busy professionals these days.


Looking for Free Marketing Opportunities? Try Public Speaking!

Public speaking is a great marketing opportunity

6 Ways Public Speaking Works as a Business Marketing Strategy 

By: Jason Phillips of LondonSpeakerBureau.com

Your Business Is Small; Your Marketing Doesn’t Have To Be

5 Tips for Big Marketing for Small Businesses

5 Ways Small Businesses Can Get Big Marketing Results

By Jonathan Herrick, CSO/CMO of Hatchbuck

Should You Outsource Your Projects?

For business blogging or content marketing, hiring a freelancer can be a great choice.

When does it make sense to hire a freelancer?

Contrary to popular opinion, being able to delegate tasks in business and in life is a sign of strength.


Marketing Conferences You Should Attend This Fall

Keep your skills sharp by attending a marketing conference

Continue your digital, social and SEO education at one of these industry events

In the world of marketing, especially that of online marketing, change is the only constant. With new technology arriving on the scene almost daily and new algorithms for search results continually adjusting, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends and greatest methodologies in this industry. So how do we keep up with the ever-changing times?

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