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7 Things Probably Wrong with Your LinkedIn Company Page

linkedin company page mistakes

Are You Making One of These Common Mistakes?

LinkedIn isn’t just for college students and aspiring professionals anymore. As a business, it’s a good idea to cultivate a successful LinkedIn page. If you already have a company page on LinkedIn, you may be surprised to find that there are some pretty simple things you could be doing wrong that may be affecting your standing. There is more to the process than just slapping together a quick profile and hoping to get noticed with little to no effort.


LinkedIn for Networking

LinkedIN, social media, networking

LinkedIN Connection Tips

Most people view LinkedIn as a site for job seeking and for recruiters or companies to find talent.  It is so much more than that.  LinkedIn has some very valuable resources that if you are a little creative you can find just about anyone that you can imagine.  Now this may require you to be a little stealthy in some cases, but if the ultimate goal is to meet a particular individual, LinkedIn is your key to success. 

6 Ways to Get a Marketing Job as a Recent College Grad

job search, work, college grad

The job hunt is here and it's daunting. 

Whether you graduated last May or are just now beginning your final year of college, the time to look for the marketing job of your dreams is upon you, and it’s daunting. You’re probably scared that there aren’t enough jobs out there for you. Or maybe you just keep running into entry-level jobs that somehow require 2-5 years of experience.

How LinkedIn Groups Boost B2B Sales

LinkedIn Tips

Use These LinkedIn Tips to Grow Your Business

By now, you know that LinkedIn is a key networking tool for any business. A marketing plan just isn’t complete these days if you don’t include time to make and maintain a presence on LinkedIn. This networking platform has become essential for B2B marketing, and the feature that has proven itself to be most valuable in boosting B2B sales is the Groups feature. Taking advantage of this feature provides the potential to get your brand in front of a lot more people than relying only on your company page. If you haven’t already gotten involved in Groups, here are a few LinkedIn tips to get you started and give you a boost in sales. 

Become a LinkedIn Power User in 10 Minutes or Less

quick tips on linkedin profile

Quick Tips for Your LinkedIn Profile

According to an infographic on Undercover Recruiter, 49.7% of LinkedIn users form connections whose influence can win them new customers. Meanwhile, 36.7% have found that LinkedIn helps them form relationships with potential buyers. Given these shiny numbers, the site is a place you need to be. One of the best (and simplest) ways to be a LinkedIn champion is to make sure your profile is complete. This is especially true, considering only half of LinkedIn users have a fully complete profile. To make sure you’re part of that distinguished crowd, here are some quick tips to improve your profile.


7 LinkedIn Tips for Using Groups Feature Effectively

linkedin groups

Are You Making the Most of Your Social Media Outlets? 

As a smart, savvy business owner, you’ve probably been using LinkedIn to market your business for quite some time. You’re on the right track to increasing leads. You might even be among the 43% of marketers who have acquired new customers through LinkedIn this year. If you’re not using LinkedIn’s Groups feature, however, you could be missing out on some big leads. Here are some LinkedIn tips on using the Groups feature to increase traffic and leads to your Company Page.

Put Your Company Page through LinkedIn Bootcamp

linkedin bootcamp

Social Media Workshop: LinkedIn

While Facebook and Twitter are wildly popular because people can use them for anything from socializing to advertising, LinkedIn doesn’t have quite the same luster. But that’s what makes it so great for businesses. The Wall-Street Journal recently surveyed 835 small business owners and asked which social media network could help their business the most. According to the results, 41% of small businesses said LinkedIn could be beneficial to their companies, compared to 3% saying the same of Twitter and 14%  of Facebook. So to help you mine the gold of LinkedIn, here is a social media workshop on how you can use the site to promote your business.

So, You Think You Know Everything About LinkedIn?

linkedin tips

Surprise. You Don’t.        

Are you using LinkedIn for your business? Or perhaps for personal networking? Maybe you think you’re a LinkedIn champ with a trophy shelf of wicked connections, but my friend, there is always room for a little improvement. Here are 10 wicked facts about everyone’s favorite site for posting pics of themselves in a studly suit. 

Infographic: Expanding Your LinkedIn Profile Without Being A Creep

LinkedIn Profile Tips

Top LinkedIn Profile Tips

The 13 Sneakiest LinkedIn SEO Tips to Boost Your Profile’s Views

linkedin seo

Get Found on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is really even more of a popularity contest than Twitter, but I’m the only one with enough sense to realize it. On a very basic level, if you don’t have any LinkedIn connections, you’re not going to be found. The vast majority of searches on the burgeoning social media network for professionals are done through a filter of personal connections. Optimizing your network and the SEO aspects of your profile can take your profile views go from 0 to 1,000.

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