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5 Huge Reasons to Attend the November Nashville HUG!

nashville hubspot user group

Don't Be a Spammer, Be a Scientist

Catchy, isn't it? When we put out a call to request input on what we should cover at the second meeting of the Nashville HubSpot user group, we got a unanimous request to talk about marketing experiments. So we are!


5 Startup Tips You Never Knew Existed

startup tips

Tricks to Keeping Your Startup Afloat

While there are many things that go into a startup, there are a few things that always get overlooked by entrepreneurs.  In their zealousness to be in business for themselves, many people always do the things that they love and are comfortable with while missing some key steps to running a well-tuned organization. 

Trapped in an Elevator – 3 Unexpected Things I Learned at #Inbound13


Lessons from Boston

Exhausted, I was on my way back to our tenth floor room from a day full of learning and inspiration from industry thought leaders at the Inbound13 Conference in Boston. After hours of jam-packed sessions on everything from inbound marketing to inspiring your staff, I was ready to call it a day. I climbed aboard 1 of 6 deceivingly shiny elevators with four complete strangers. The ride started off normally, but as we passed the eighth floor, the elevator shuddered and abruptly stopped.

HubSpot Announces the First Content Optimization System at #Inbound13

hubspot COS

Dynamic Inbound Marketing

Making the Switch From the Main HubSpot Competitor: Marketo

hubspot versus marketo

HubSpot vs. Marketo

As I interviewed for my next position in the wonderful world of marketing, I wondered if I would have to leave my golden days with the glitz and glamor of Marketo behind. I felt a strong connection with the marketing automation system that I had spent so much time with. It was my baby, as I implemented the system and married it to Salesforce, and what helped to create sales ready leads for my “client,” the sales team. First lesson learned, once you choose a marketing automation system, you have blinders on for all other solutions.

How Much Do Marketing Agencies Cost?

paying for marketing

Are You Paying Too Much for Content?

Here's a toughy: Most PR and marketing agencies still benefit from the fact that business don't always track the true value that their marketing efforts are driving. They can tell their clients that they're investing in "branding" or equally vapid terms. It confuses their customers enough that they simply accept that marketers shouldn't need to prove that they're actually driving value for the business.

For example, I recently wrote an article where I generalized that you can get good content for as low as $30-$40. One commenter - obviously a writer alarmed that anyone would think that you could get valuable content for that price - asserted that articles should go for at least $250-$700 for 500 words. Now, the purpose of that article was to argue that the market would self-regulate the value of staff writers upwards as their value to businesses became more evident and trackable. However, her singular focus on the validity of my example data brings up an interesting question: As a business owner, how much should you pay freelance writers and marketing agencies?

5 Epic Marketing Lessons From HubSpot's Inbound Marketing Conference

Inbound Marketing Agents team

Life Lessons From Inbound 12

This content is coming to you live from Boston, Massachusetts, where our entire team of special agents is attending the Inbound Marketing Conference. We've had an action-packed two days of learning cutting edge-technique from the experts and networking with some real braniacs. To the right is an image of our team with the HootSuite mascot, Owli. Too often, I've read conference content that just comes across as clannish and filled with inside jokes. We're committed to actionable information, and here are the top lessons we learned today at Inbound 12:

HubSpot Announces Revolutionary Upgrades at Inbound Conference

HubSpot 3 Features

HubSpot 3 Sets the Stage for Marketers to Dominate Inbound Marketing

Marketing Debate: How Often Should I Email?

Dan and Sam on email marketing

Email Marketing: What We Know

“Your email should have a point. If you have nothing good to say, shut up!”

-Sam Mallikarjunan, Hubspot Experiments Manager, @Mallikarjunan


5 Facebook Timeline Best Practices for Business Pages

Facebook Best Practices for Business

Facebook Best Practices for Business Pages

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