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Google+ for business

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Using Google+ To Grow Your Business

How to Use Google+ For Business


In our last article on using Google+ for your business, we evaluated the platform and discovered its great potential as a part of your social media program and a part of your Inbound Marketing Efforts.


Why You Should Use Google+ To Grow Your Business

How to Use Google+ for Your Business

Part 1 - Analyzing and Setting Up Google+ for Business

When Google+ launched in 2011 social media users were skeptical. However the number of users who signed up to use the platform and the number of businesses who are already using it to reach out in a new and different way to potential customers is astounding.


Why Google Plus Hates Puppies and All Other Happiness

google+ hates puppies

How Google Plus changed the way I think about Google Plus

Perhaps you’ve heard of Google+, the second largest social networking site in the world.  I must admit that since it launched in 2011, I had been reluctant to use it.  After all, doesn’t Google+ hate puppies and happiness?  I was probably reluctant because nobody likes to be spoon-fed by being told what to like and what not to like.  (Also, the reason I don’t like MLM’s but that’s another story.)  At first, I felt that Google was just grasping at straws to insert themselves into the Social Media age.


Should Facebook Worry About Google+?

Google+ tips

Google+ Makes Social Media Waves

It seems like everyone has at least one social media account these days. Your parents have Facebook accounts. Your ten-year-old nephew uses Twitter. Social media networking has even begun to replace weekly phone calls to Grandma. Social media has also become an extremely effective channel for marketing. So which social networking sites offer the most to their users? Current numbers put Facebook in first place, with nearly half of social media users preferring it over other sites, but Google+ has zoomed to the number two spot. Many have asked whether Facebook should be worried about the rise in popularity of a fairly new platform. With Google+ tips being shared more frequently everywhere, social butterflies are more likely to flitter over and check out its features to see what it has to offer. But will it ever surpass Facebook as Internet users’ favorite social networking site? For starters, let’s take a look at some differences and similarities in a few of Google+ and Facebook’s features.

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Announcing An Introduction to Google+ for Business

Google  for Business

Download Our Free EBook Filled with Google+ Tips

Google+ has over 500 million registered users, and more than 925,000 people sign up for a Google+ account every day. If you’re not using Google+ as a tool for your business, you’re clearly missing out. This isn’t just a social network—it’s quickly becoming the best way for businesses to market online. The potential reach is staggering, giving anyone with a Google+ account the ability to reach out to millions of potential customers. Not only is outreach a huge benefit, but Google+ also makes it possible for potential customers to find businesses through search.

6 Companies That Do Google+ Right

Google  tips

Google+ Tips from Big Business

No matter what your opinion of social networking sites, the fact is that they have become an integral part of Internet marketing and doing business online. Sure, you already realize that you can broaden your target audience by using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. But did you know that proper use of Google+ actually has the potential of pushing your brand higher in PageRank?

7 Tips to Improve the SEO of Your Google+ Profile

Google+ SEO

Winning the Google+ Game

Is your business on Google+? If not, it should be. This social network carries a lot of potential for your company to win you new customers. For example, Jeffalytics recently tested its influence by creating four websites with varying G+ usage. One had no Google+ presence, and it did the poorest in terms of search-ability. The website with the strongest G+ presence, on the other hand, ended up ranking as the 8th result for its target keyword.

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19 Tricks to Unleash the Google+ Power User Within

google  tips

Put Your Social Strategy on a Rocket Ship

Google+ is actually pretty cool. I never thought I’d say that, especially considering that less than a year ago I was positively overwhemed by the network. However, things change, and I’ve recently discovered that it’s actually a brilliant network. And, I’m not alone. G+ is now the world’s second-largest social media network with 343 million active users. G+ means serious business for SEO and social media marketing, and it’s too late to ignore starting its presence any longer. Here are some ways to go from zero to network domination overnight:


Embrace the Plus: Interview With Google+ Expert Jonathan Payne

social media strategy

Improve Your Social Media Strategy

As social signals continue to play a more integral part in SEO, it's clear that the best time to get started on Google+ is yesterday. We were lucky to catch a few moments with Louisville, Kentucky-based Interactive Marketing Consultant Jonathan Payne. For more on his thoughts on why businesses can't neglect a Google+ presence, check out his IMA guest post The Huge Misconception Plaguing Google+


The Huge Misconception Plaguing Google+

google+ guest post

Guest Post: Make No Social Assumptions

Any time I'm asked where businesses should focus their social media marketing efforts, my default answer is, "Go where your target market or audience gathers, first and foremost. Everything beyond that is secondary." If your target audience isn't on Pinterest or Instagram, having a presence there shouldn't be a primary concern for your business. Elementary stuff, right? Then, there's Google+, which has fallen prey to a huge misconception among business owners and even a lot of digital marketers.

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