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Financial Lenders Now Use Facebook to Determine Credit-Worthiness

facebook to determine credit

What Happens on Facebook Doesn't Stay on Facebook

Facebook used to be a fun place to share photos and messages with friends, but now with their ever-changing privacy policies more information is becoming available than protected. This isn’t to deter you from using Facebook again, just to be more cautious. Lenders are taking note of what really happens on their borrowers’ social media. So if you have more pictures of yourself partying on the weekends than pictures of yourself promoting a positive image, you might want to start cleaning up your profile not only for employment but if you plan on getting a loan.


Get Smart With Facebook for Business Apps

facebook for business apps

Maximizing the Value of Your Company Page

Facebook Apps allow developers to incorporate interactive software with Facebook pages. Businesses can put these Facebook Apps to use on their company pages by adding tabs, which appear on the right below the cover photo on a page. A business page can have four tabs visible at all times, and additional tabs that can be accessed by clicking a dropdown button. The tabs rest in prime real estate for a Facebook page, and can be leveraged with custom design on the cover photo, such as arrows pointing towards the tabs. Since these tabs are so prominent on a page, it’s important that the applications and purposes they are used for will be beneficial to your company. Here are some of the ways Facebook Apps can be used to maximize the value of a Facebook business page.


Should Facebook Worry About Google+?

Google+ tips

Google+ Makes Social Media Waves

It seems like everyone has at least one social media account these days. Your parents have Facebook accounts. Your ten-year-old nephew uses Twitter. Social media networking has even begun to replace weekly phone calls to Grandma. Social media has also become an extremely effective channel for marketing. So which social networking sites offer the most to their users? Current numbers put Facebook in first place, with nearly half of social media users preferring it over other sites, but Google+ has zoomed to the number two spot. Many have asked whether Facebook should be worried about the rise in popularity of a fairly new platform. With Google+ tips being shared more frequently everywhere, social butterflies are more likely to flitter over and check out its features to see what it has to offer. But will it ever surpass Facebook as Internet users’ favorite social networking site? For starters, let’s take a look at some differences and similarities in a few of Google+ and Facebook’s features.

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Graph Search vs. Google

Google and Graph Search

A Battle of Epic Proportions? Probably Not.

Facebook has changed a lot about how we communicate, and now it seems that Facebook wants to change how we find information, too. Facebook’s Graph Search is one of Mark Zuckerberg’s latest attempts at making the social network even more innovative. He hopes that the search engine, which will show results based on a person’s network of friends and their likes, will take on Google as a new form of search. However, as many pundits have pointed out, there are some problems standing in Facebook’s way. And in spite of Google CEO Larry Page’s insistence that Facebook and Google don’t have to be rivals, the comparisons have been steadily streaming in, ever since Graph Search started making its way around the Internet. The following roadblocks currently stand in Facebook’s way, as it seeks to give Google something to worry about.

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Facebook Takes a Hack at Hashtags

social media 101

Social Media 101: What is the Value of a Hashtag?

A little bit late to the hashtag party, Facebook introduced searchable hashtags to its site in June. Twitter and Instagram have used hashtags for quite a while, and the popularity of hashtags from these networks is responsible for the symbol being part of everyday conversation. Many people send text messages including tags, and in the past they would ironically use hashtags on Facebook despite being non-functional. Hashtags are everywhere, from t-shirts, billboards, to TV shows, and anywhere else you can think of. Facebook was one of the few places hashtags didn’t appear, but now they finally joined the #party. Today's social media 101 lesson will talk about the hashtag and its use on Facebook.

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Facebook Fails And What You Can Learn from Them

social media marketing

A Lesson for Social Media Marketing: Don’t Fear Failure

For every innovation that succeeds, hundreds of others fail. But the most successful people and companies are ones that don’t let failure get them down. After all, Steve Jobs was once fired from his own company, and Walt Disney watched one of his early cartoon studios dovetail into bankruptcy. But Steve Jobs and Walt Disney continued working and innovating, even after major setbacks. While it may seem extreme to compare commercial empires with social media marketing, both are similar in that you’re not sure how people will react to your work until you try something and see how it goes. That’s an important lesson for social media marketing: Experiment. See what sticks, and what doesn’t. That’s what Facebook does. If you feel that your engagement efforts are going nowhere, read this list of Facebook’s wins and failures. You’ll see that when it comes to social media, constantly trying new things is the key.

Facebook’s New Search Tool is a Game-changer

facebook graph search, facebook advice, small business advice

How to Prep Your Profile for Graph Search

Facebook has introduced its newest feature, Graph Search, which revolutionizes the way content and information can be found on the site. The new search engine allows for more complex and compound queries, with extensive filtering options for results. The engine focuses more around interests and connections between people on Facebook, with seemingly endless combinations of searches. The feature’s greatest function is its ability to discover new information and content that you otherwise would not have found organically on Facebook.

Do You Know the Social Media Shelf Life for Your Posts?

Social media strategy

Making the Most of Your Social Media Marketing 

When something is posted online, whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, or the company blog, it will likely be online forever, but unfortunately it won’t always be relevant. Much like groceries at a supermarket, social media posts have shelf lives that expire. The big questions are, how long is the shelf life of your post and how to best communicate with the public despite this expiration date.

7 Guidelines for Advertising on Facebook

advertising on Facebook

Guest Post: How to Take Advantage of Facebook Marketing

If you are marketing on social media, there’s a pretty good chance you’re using Facebook as a platform to do so.  Facebook is genuinely the go-to social network for marketers to start testing the social media waters.

Social Media Management Lessons from a Used Bookstore

social media management

Hail McKay’s Used Books, Secret Facebook Master

I’ve praised that wealth of knowledge and low prices that is McKay Used Books before, and it turns out the staff is pretty savvy with social media management, too. The store’s social media manager always follows the best Facebook practices by sharing fun images and clever content. But two weeks ago, McKay’s took things up a notch. They asked their 27,000 fans one thing: “What is one question you’ve always wanted to ask McKay?” The status got 106 comments, which was great for engagement alone. The week after, the store started picking individual questions to answer in depth, which is driving engagement even further.

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