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The 5 Dumbest Print Marketing Materials

print marketing materials

Use These Print Marketing Materials At Your Own Risk

In the world of marketing, finding effective and original ways to reach our audiences is paramount to any kind of success. This means rising above and beyond the traditional methods for designing, marketing and delivering your brand and providing your customers (and potential customers) with something more. In the digital age, that extra effort often includes staging some sort of internet-based project. Whether it’s designing an awesome email, creating and maintaining an impressive website or carefully crafting a great presence on social media, the internet does seem to dominate how we approach our marketing efforts.


5 Signs of a Well-Designed Business Card

business card design

Is Your Business Card a Slam Dunk?

The business card is an aspect of professionalism that dates back decades, and even serves as a rite of passage for many new employees and companies. The moment your box of business cards arrives in the mail, you feel an instant sense of importance and arrival on the scene of your industry.  Unfortunately, designing a great business card can prove to be quite the challenge, especially if you aren’t especially design-minded. Before we dive into our signs of a great business card, take a gander at this infographic on the history and makings of the business card.


8 Signs Your Company Logo Fails

logo design tips

Why Your Logo Might Need Serious Work

There are many potential pitfalls when one begins envisioning their company’s unique brand; whether it’s a questionable slogan, an abrasive online presence or a hideous logo, the opportunities that arise for lapses in brand judgment are a dime a dozen. We’ve seen our fair share of unfortunate branding choices, and one can only shake his head and hope that someone with a better insight speaks up at the next company meeting.


What’s Missing from Your Company’s Branding Standards?

missing branding standards

5 Branding Components Many Businesses Let Slide

Too many companies believe creating a brand is equal to putting on a mask for the buying public to see. Yes, the brand is your image, your identity, but it must be so much more than the façade. If customers sense a slip in the standards, they’ll get spooked and go elsewhere.


How to Craft a Magnetic PR Pitch

magnetic pr pitch

So your one-size-fits-all PR pitch doesn’t fit after all?

It’s time to dust off the ole workout sweats and exercise your media outreach.

The Why

The What, The Who, The Where and The How of a PR pitch are all dictated by The Why. To have a successful PR pitch, you need to first identify your company's greatest need and define a SMART goal.


Digital Influencer Outreach: 10 Steps to a Successful Relationship

digital influencers outreach

How Do You Win Over Digital Influencers?

How do you perform a successful digital influencer outreach? Find appropriate influencers and convert them into long-term brand advocates with the following approach:

5 Personal Touches to Enhance Brand Loyalty

Man sitting at computer frustrated.

In a world where consumer attention is more fragmented than ever before, personalizing the digital experience is a necessary step in fostering brand loyalty.


Danger of Over-Branding? You Bet.

building your brand

Take Lessons from Big Business When Building Your Brand

Building a strong brand is essential in order to stay ahead of the competition and standing out from the crowd has become increasingly difficult. Companies like Apple, GE, and UPS have continued to skyrocket their success staying true to their brands, while other companies have drowned out the unique value of their brand with over-branding. Companies are warned about the risks of pouring money into senseless advertising, bombarding their customers with too many messages, billboards, and products in order to build revenue and make a quick sale. Ultimately, companies that over-brand end up overlooking the needs of their customers and create resentment toward their own brand or scare consumers away. Brands like Dell, Blackberry, and MTV have all crossed the line with over branding and have lost sales and customers in recent years. If you feel your company may be destroying more value than it is creating, consider these tips for branding your business.

Listen to the Customer

Don’t lose sight of the real reasons your customers signed on with your brand to begin with. Continue to give customers the opportunity to provide feedback. Companies can be very quick to bombard their customers with unnecessary messaging, advertising, and constant in-your-face techniques. Many times, these companies stop listening to their customers and start losing them. In a recent study by mediapost.com, General Mills was identified as a great example of a company that has been around for years and still takes the time to listen to their customers. Known as one of the nation’s largest producers of breakfast cereals, General Mills has been very active with analytic tools and market research. Over the past couple years, General Mills has listened to the needs of their customers, and they have responded adequately, resulting in a 30% increase in sales.

Is Your Company Speaking Human-ese?

humanizing your brand

Make Your Brand Talk to Customers

“Welcome to the Inbound Marketing Agents blog. IMA is happy that you stopped by. The company wants to help you with any questions you have about design, social media, content, and design. These are IMA’s specialties, and it’s a pleasure to share them with you.”


5 Sharp Tips for Personalizing Your Brand

humanizing your brand

Humanizing Your Brand: Doing It Right

Personal branding keeps your business from being a cut-and-dried entity, so to do it successfully, you need just the right amounts of humor and humanness. However, there’s a wrong way and a right way to approach humanizing your brand. Visitors may be offended, confused, or just plain bored because of your website. The last thing you want is for your company to be associated with anything bad, so to help you with your personal branding, we’ve listed some of the main pitfalls below.

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