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    9 Calls-to-Action That Can Boost Lead Generation

    Posted by Brittney Ervin

    Wondering how to juice up your lead generation? These CTAs can help. 

    In the world of inbound marketing, the value of a good Call-to-Action is nearly indisputed. A strong, well-placed CTA can offer incredible opportunities for lead generation throughout your website; you just have to know which ones perform well, and why.

    If you’re ready to kick-start your lead generation efforts, check out our list of highly-converting CTAs below.


     “Get Started”


    This classic CTA converts so well because it combines two important factors: simplicity and a sense of instant gratification. When attached to content that scintillates and inspires your readers, “Get Started” takes them effortlessly to the next step. Increase the urgency of the CTA by opting for "Get Started Now" or "Get Started Today."


    “Get It Now”


    Using time-sensitive words like “now” and “today” can produce a sense of instant gratification: you don’t have to wait! It can happen now!

    Modern consumers love the opportunity to skip the waiting game and get right into the good stuff; that’s why a Call-to-Action that expresses a time-sensitive opportunity is so likely to get engagement from your audience.

    Incorporating time-sensitive language also gives viewers the sense of time running out. Encouraging them to act now, before it’s too late, is also a great way to move them from casual viewer to lead.

    Transforming those clicks into leads is dependent on the quality of your lead magnet, however. You need to provide those interested, instant-gratification-tuned viewers with something they really want.  


    “Learn More”


    This is a powerful Call-to-Action because it provides a solution to a desire many of your viewers feel: the desire for more information. It also emphasizes your content’s benefits for the viewer.  

    As opposed to the similar language of “Read More,” which emphasizes the effort your viewer will have to put forth, “Learn More” shows them what they can gain.

    You can beef up the urgency and motivation behind this Call-to-Action by adding time-sensitive language: “Learn More Now” or “Learn More Today,” for instance.


     “Free Trial”


    Free is a word that will always appeal to viewers, especially those who are risk-averse. A free trial provides them with the opportunity to try out your product or service at absolutely no risk to themselves; they don’t have to invest money or commit to anything long-term, and they still get to explore the possible benefits your product offers.

    This CTA is especially useful for SaaS (Software as a Service) companies, like Hootsuite or SalesForce.

    Plus, there are several ways to convert your free trial users into customers once their trial period ends.


    “Sign Up for Free”


    While “Sign Up” by itself isn’t a robust CTA, adding the word “free” takes it to the next level. When you communicate your users’ freedom from investing any money, at least right out of the gate, they’re much more likely to give you a try.

    Plus, once they click your “Sign Up for Free” Call-to-Action, they can be directed to your services page, where your paid subscriptions or services will be displayed alongside the free option. This gives you the opportunity to communicate the benefits of your paid services without being overly aggressive.


    “Subscribe Now”


    This Call-to-Action is especially effective when attached to robust and highly valuable content. When you’ve pulled your readers in with a homerun blog, Subscribe Now is a great way to get them to the next step.


    “Get More…”


    This CTA is powerful because it offers your viewers more of what they want: customers, information, revenue, etc.

    It’s a bold implication: by clicking here, you can get more of what you want. That boldness is part of what makes it so provocative. Just be prepared to offer the content or opportunity that your boldness warrants.


    “Try It Now”


    This CTA combines the attraction to instant gratification with freedom from commitment. There’s an inherent risk-free nuance to the word “Try,” which pulls your viewers in, while “Now” confirms that no waiting is required: it can happen now.



    “Download Now”


    Another great use of time-sensitive language, “Download Now” is more specific than “Get It Now” and still offers your viewers the promise of something valuable through very little effort of their own. 


    CTAs: Inspire Your Audience to Act

    Now that you have some ideas for highly-converting CTAs, it’s time to implement.

    If you can, run A/B variation tests for some of these CTAs on your home page, in your blog content or on your landing pages; this will give you incredible insight into which CTAs your audience is engaging with and what isn’t translating for them.


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