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    5 Tips to Improve Your Company’s Facebook Page

    Posted by Brittney Ervin

    Is Your Facebook Page Reaching Its Potential? 

    As of the third quarter of 2015, Facebook had 1.55 billion active monthly users.

    That’s 1.55 billion people in the world who have a Facebook account and use it on a monthly basis.

    These numbers are staggering and impressive, especially for business owners who want to utilize the platform to its greatest potential for their brand. Facebook provides a huge swath of potential customers or brand ambassadors; you just have to figure out how to appeal to them.

    It’s true: creating an attractive and engaging Facebook page for your business can be challenging, especially when your industry isn’t the most accessible.

    There are, however, some easy ways to improve your company’s Facebook page with just a few different tweaks:

    Choose the Right Profile Picture


    You need to choose a profile picture that will be easily identifiable to your fans and followers. Sometimes, this is your company’s logo. Other times, it’s a photo of your CEO or company owner. You have to determine which photo will be the most effective at getting your company the instant recognition it needs to be effective on the platform.

    If you’re an individual entrepreneur, it’s important to have a great headshot for your profile picture. If you have a strongly associated company logo, get a high-resolution copy of the design and make that your profile picture. A great photo of your team might also serve as a good profile picture.

    Being recognizable to your fans is a critical component to being found and getting engagement on Facebook.  

    Remember: Facebook requires photos to be 180 pixels X 180 pixels. Photos smaller than this will not be accepted.

    Diversify Your Content (i.e., Photos, Videos, Infographics)

    The amount of video shared and dispersed through Facebook in 2014 was staggering.

    From June of 2014 to January of 2015, the platform generated more than 1 billion video views.

    It’s clear that video is a powerful medium for reaching and engaging your audience, yet many businesses don’t utilize it enough.

    With video, you have an immense opportunity to show your audience behind-the-scenes clips of how your company runs. Tutorials, team introductions, or quick blurbs about a new product are great ways to educate your viewers and let them get to know you.

    The same goes for photos.

    Behind-the-scene photos of your office, new products, workshops with your leaders and fun, candid shots of your team are easy visual content that strengthens your brand’s personal connection with your audience. These types of photos remove anonymity and give your followers something to associate with your brand.

    Other types of content, like infographics, Slideshares, lists and how-to posts are educational and heavily engaging for viewers, as well.

    Make Sure Your Cover Photo is Sized Correctly


    One mistake that many businesses make is choosing cover photos that simply don’t fit in the space allowed by Facebook’s template.

    You can spend tons of time finding and uploading a great photo that exemplifies your company’s spirit; if your followers can’t see it because it's stretched or doesn't fit, your effort has gone to waste.

    Keep Facebook’s cover photo dimensions in mind when choosing your image: 851 pixels wide X 351 pixels tall.

    Cover photos that follow these dimensions will display as 640 pixels X 360 pixels on Smartphones. They do not display on feature phones.

    Make Your Cover Photo a Call-To-Action

    Utilize Facebook’s CTA capability by transforming your awesome cover photo into an attractive call-to-action for your users.

    Check out this great Facebook CTA for Search Engine Journal’s business page: their cover photo is advertising their upcoming SEJ Summit. Notice the handy “Sign Up” CTA that sits right below it.


    You can even track the number of your viewers who have clicked your CTA, which makes it easy to see which CTAs are successful and which aren’t.

    Add Links to Your Pictures


    Optimize your profile pictures and cover photos with relevant links, to encourage your Facebook followers to further engage with your brand.

    Have a picture of your team members at a recent conference? Add a link to your company’s team bio page.

    Have a picture of a new product that just launched? Add a link to the product page on your company’s website.

    It’s all pretty intuitive stuff, but many businesses forget these important steps when optimizing their company’s Facebook page.

    Not sure how to add links to your company’s Facebook pictures? Simply choose “Add a Description” and enter the link you desire.

    As 2016 gets underway, we hope you feel inspired and motivated to improve your company’s Facebook page and reap the benefits of a great presence on the platform. Happy optimizing!

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