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    4 Ways Digital PR Can Benefit Your Business

    Posted by Jenni Bednarz

    How can digital public relations help your business speak directly to their online audience?

    The digital age has revolutionized everything from commerce to travel-- and public relations is no exception. Utilizing the many avenues presented by digital PR can help your company or brand ascend to new levels of success.

    Digital PR can cover many components, including:

    • Media outreach
    • Social media
    • SEO

    For this blog, we will focus on digital PR as media outreach. The core of digital PR is similar to traditional PR, and focuses on connecting your story with a relevant audience. However, digital PR concentrates on reaching that audience through online channels.

    Many of these online channels are the digital counterpart to traditional media channels, such as the digital version of a magazine. Other channels may be specific to the online realm, such as blogs or community boards.

    A top-notch public relations strategy has always been an essential part of any company’s marketing plan. This now includes digital PR.

    How can digital PR help your business?

    Here are four serious benefits of utilizing digital PR.


    Increase Exposure of Your Brand

    Digital PR increases exposure of your brand by placing your content in front of a new audience. The more consumers that are aware of your brand, the more potential customers you have. One way to achieve this goal is to partner with other brands and bloggers.

    Writing guest posts for other blogs or getting featured in another blogger’s post expands your reach beyond your regular readers, and including links in the post leading back to your website can convert new readers into regular subscribers of your blog. Creating a landing page with a CTA tailored to these readers brings the campaign objective full circle by giving the readers a chance to fully opt-in to your message.   


    Add Credibility to Your Brand

    An online influencer mentioning your brand can add credibility to your product. Influencers are often early adopters of new products, and guide their followers to become adopters as well. Followers of an influencer are likely to perceive your brand the way the influencer presents it; therefore a positive mention by an influencer can have an exponential effect on consumer perception of your brand.

    Positive mentions from multiple influencers creates a consistent image for your brand. Consistency creates credibility, and the added credibility of your brand created through digital PR efforts can trigger consumers’ buying impulse.

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    Expand Ability to Track ROI

    It can be much easier to track the ROI of digital PR than traditional PR, thanks to analysis tools such a Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, and more. These tools let you see the true impact of a digital PR campaign and make adjustments to future campaigns.

    In the good old days of traditional PR, you had to rely on guesswork to determine how successful a PR campaign was. Now it is possible to know in depth statistics about a digital PR campaign including:

    • How many views an article received
    • How many clicks links within the article received
    • How many readers converted to leads from the article

    This allows for precise A/B testing of digital PR campaigns. Using the detailed results from this testing, future campaigns can be optimized for the desired outcome.


    Convert Readers to Purchasers

    Online blog posts, magazine articles, videos, and podcasts are a powerful way to convert readers to purchasers. The ability to include a direct link to your product within these mediums makes it easier than ever for a self-educating buyer to become familiar with your product and take a direct action to purchase that product. Inclusion of calls-to-action in strategic places can also help encourage casual readers to convert. 

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    Digital PR allows you to cater your marketing efforts to self-educating buyers. Giving these buyers access to useful information about your products and services builds trust between them and your company. This trust is fundamental to converting self-educating buyers.

    We hope you can take this information on digital PR and apply it successfully to your business or brand!

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