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    3 HUGE Social Media Updates From the Past Week

    Posted by Jenni Bednarz

    Two of our favorite social media apps, Snapchat and Instagram, got major updates this week. The common thread of these updates is an emphasis on video...which is no surprise, considering video is shaping up to be one of the most popular forms of content of all time.

     Popular dating app Tinder is also working to make some changes - although specific details haven’t yet been revealed.

    Check out these huge social media updates that materialized in the past week:


    Snapchat got the most updates this week, all adding functionality to their chat feature. Video chatting has been a part of the app for some time, but now it is easier than ever to start a video chat from the app. For the first time, users can initiate video calls even if the other user isn’t in the chat screen. Users can choose to just watch, without sharing their own view, and voice calling is now an option as well.

    The app also introduced audio and video notes - quick messages users can send each other if they don’t want to have an all out video call. Additionally, stickers are now available for use in chats.

    These updates position Snapchat as a direct competitor of similar messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Skype. The app is already a popular choice among teens, and these new features may expand its popularity to an older demographic.


    Facebook-owned Instagram extended their 15 second video length to a whopping 60 seconds, citing a 40% increase in video viewing on the platform as the reason for the increase. Additionally, multi-clip editing is returning for iOS devices. Instagram announced on their blog that this is just one of many steps they are taking this year to encourage using video on their platform.

    However, the new update does have some bugs. Many iOS users are reporting that they can no longer log out of their accounts from the app, and the only way to log out is by deleting and reinstalling Instagram. Instagram has acknowledged the issue, and is working on a fix.

    So what does this update mean for marketers? Longer video means the ability to create and share richer content. However, some feel that allowing longer video will degrade the quality of content, as a 15 second cap forced users to be creative with their videos. Regardless, 60 seconds gives content creators a lot more flexibility.


    While Tinder didn’t receive any updates this week, the company did acquire Humin, a contact organization app.

    Humin organizes users’ contacts by context, pulling information from Facebook, LinkedIn, and the calendar app. The app will include information such as how many friends users have in common, where contacts work, and the last time users hung out.

    Humin also owns Knock Knock, an app aimed at college students that allows users to chat with other users that are nearby. Knock Knock also allows users to send their contact information to one another - but users are able to decide what pieces of contact information to share, including email, phone number, and social profiles.

    What does this acquisition mean for Tinder? No one is quite sure yet. However, it does seem that the acquisition of Humin signals an interest in shifting away from a simple hookup app. We’re excited to see what Tinder has in store for the future.

    These exciting social media updates might just change the way you use your favorite social media platforms; of course, only time will tell. 


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