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    3 FREE Tools for Conducting Market Research

    Posted by Bill Faeth

    You know what they say about assuming...

    Well, the same rules apply when you’re crafting your marketing plan--don't ever assume.

    Market research is an integral step to crafting your marketing plan, and arguably should be the first step you take when you begin planning any marketing campaigns and efforts. How are you going to sell to your audience if you don’t know what their pain points are? Or where they go to find products like theirs? Or even who they are?

    Fear not: We’ve compiled 3 free (yes, you read that correctly, free!) tools to help you get a jumpstart on your market research.

    1. HubSpot’s MakeMyPersona


    Before you start researching your target audience, you’ve got to know who they are first, right? Right. If you don’t know exactly, and I mean, down to every last detail, who you’re targeting, then start with this tool. MakeMyPersona walks you through questions about your dream customer, helping you to craft all the information you have stored in your head about them into one concise, targetable buyer persona.

    1. Google’s Marketer’s Almanac


    If you’ve got your buyer persona in mind, then you know “who”, but what about “when”? Are there any trends as to when your audience is buying? Is there a time of year that you should focus your efforts, and dollars, more heavily on? Get helpful insights into when people buy with the Marketer’s Almanac.

    1. Social Mention


    Ok, we’ve got “who” and “when”, but what about “what”?  You’ve got to know what your audience is talking about. That’s where Social Mention comes in. See what your audience is talking about online, in real time. Simply enter a keyword and Social Mention will not only show you recent posts with that keyword, but offers related keywords to consider as well as other insight.


    Now that you’ve got the tools, it’s time to go forth and research! 


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