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The Importance of Closed-Loop Marketing and Reporting

Closing the Loop on Marketing Efforts for ROI

Using Metrics to Determine Marketing ROI

Do you know where your customers are coming from? Can you easily calculate the ROI of your campaigns?

The 13 Sneakiest LinkedIn SEO Tips to Boost Your Profile’s Views

13 LinkedIn Profile SEO tips

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Better Search Results

With more than 332 million registered users, LinkedIn is surpassing other platforms as the premier social media outlet for businesses. Nine in ten recruiters use LinkedIn to find eligible job candidates and more than half of B2B companies are finding customers through LinkedIn, which makes it even more critical for your profile to be found. 

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Is Your eCommerce Site Ready for Holiday Traffic?

Bitcoin accepted online

3 Ways to Optimize Your Retail Website for the Holiday Season

For online retailers, Cyber Monday is no longer the starting gun for the crucial holiday shopping season. Black Friday is now one of the busiest shopping days of the year online, as well as in stores. As soon as the sun sets on Thanksgiving night, your website has to be ready. Can your website handle the coming rush? It's never too early to bolster your website's ecommerce fundamentals.

Should You Revise Your Buyer Personas for the Coming Year?

Buyer Personas

4 Reasons to Consider Revising Your Buyer Personas in 2015

Even if you’re new to the world of inbound marketing, you’re likely familiar with the term “buyer persona”; it’s that aggregate of information about your most ideal buyers that helps you produce content and engagement that appeals to them. When you have a buyer persona in place, your marketing efforts are much more nuanced, relevant and effective. Unfortunately, like most things, your buyer personas can become irrelevant to your marketing efforts as both your customers and your brand evolve over time.

Best Business Apps for iPhone 6

Inbound Marketing

Business as Usual? Not with These iPhone 6 Apps

With the newest iPhone available for purchase, many Apple enthusiasts have moved on from the iPhone 5 to the greener pastures (and slimmer lines) of the newest iPhone issue. Being tech-savvy is a professional advantage for people in many different fields, and utilizing the latest and greatest apps for your smartphone can help you stay up-to-date on recent developments in your field, informed on a variety of news topics, and organized during your business travels and busiest weeks.

What Big Data Means for Marketers

Big Data is Valuable to Marketers

3 Lessons Marketing Pros Need To Learn From Big Data

If you haven’t noticed yet, big data and analytics are serious buzz words right now. Just last year, Harvard Business Review declared that data scientist was the “sexiest” job of the century. Some experts even believe that big data will have a bigger impact on business than the IT revolution of the late 20th century. Can you even imagine what life was like when companies used typewriters instead of computers, and file cabinets instead of search engines? Technology changed everything, and so will big data.


Increase Employee Satisfaction By Recognizing Hard Work

Employee incentives can work

Using Incentives to Motivate Your Workforce

A company without incentives is a static enterprise that appeals only to robots, not people with feelings and dreams. Capitalism is built on the notion that if you work hard, you will be rewarded. A savvy business owner takes his employees' desire to achieve and—instead of crushing it—fuels it to allow that department or sales team to lift the company to new heights.

5 Tips for Using Pinterest for Business

Pinterest Can Help Your Business Grow

Why Pinterest is the Most Missed SMM Opportunity and How to Use it Effectively

Guest Post by Owen Andrew

Forget the Marketing Funnel: Map Your Content Along a Straight Line

Map your content to the buyers journey

Creating Marketing Content to Match Each Stage of the (Linear) Buyer's Journey

Mapping your marketing funnel to match the sales cycle probably isn’t a new concept. With a SMarketing funnel in place, you knew every piece of content you created had a specific purpose. Is that SMarketing funnel still doing its job? Have you seen an increase in leads, or do you spend all your time thinking in circles?

Rather than thinking in circles, maybe you should start thinking in a straight line. Sure, we want our buyers to come right back for more, but when they do, will they start back at the beginning? No, and that’s why they don’t need to be funneled through the awareness stage again. If you’re not providing what they need, they may find it on your competitor’s website. It’s crucial to kick this cycle to the curb.

At every organization, buyers pass through three stages before making a purchase:

  1. Awareness

Are These Common Website Myths Hurting You?

7 Common Website Myths

How Bad Web Design Advice Impacts Your Site

Everyone loves to give advice. But the truth is: some advice is bad...really, really bad. When it comes to websites, everyone has an opinion. There are thousands of best practices articles published daily. Yet somehow, bad web design advice keeps getting circulated. 

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