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Terrifying Professional Moments and the Lessons They Taught Us

Beware of Entering Sign

IMA Staff Members Reveal Our Scariest Professional Challenges

No matter where you are in your career path, you likely have at least one terrifying professional moment that defined you. Or at the very least, that moment taught you a lesson that you have hopefully carried with you.


Let’s Talk About Alt-Text

Alt-Text is Key to SEO

How Using Alternative Text on Images Can Improve Your SEO

Following all of the rules can be challenging, especially if you’re an Aquarius. And in terms of Google rules, it can be even more of a challenge. Why? Because when it comes to explaining their rules, how to follow them, and why, Google thrives on obscurity.


4 Tips for Successfully Aligning Your Sales and Marketing Teams

inbound marketing

Getting Familiar with Smarketing…and Why It’s Important

It’s an old business world trope that you’re probably familiar with: the sales team thinks the marketing team is flighty and irrelevant; the marketing team thinks the sales team is lazy and simplistic. As a result, cohesion between the two teams’ strategies can seem impossible, and inner office struggles abound.

9 Marketing & Business SlideShares to Watch Today

SlideShare Logo Latte Art

Learn Tactics and Strategies To Grow Your Business Through These Online Presentations 

What do sports carswearable technology and e-finance have in common? You can learn about all of these topics on SlideShare.


Business Email Etiquette Rules You Should Adopt Today

Too Many Emails in Your Inbox

How You Communicate in Email Reflects Your Personal & Business Brand

How many emails do you currently have in your work inbox? “Too many” is a common response among busy professionals these days.


3 Ways to Protect Your Site from Penguin 3.0

Group of Penguins

Google’s Long-Awaited Penguin Update Finally Rolls Out; So How Do You Avoid Being Impacted?

Over the weekend, Google confirmed the release of Penguin 3.0, an update that SEOs have been anticipating for more than a year.


How to Tweet Like a Celebrity

Tweet like a celebrity

3 Ways to Build Your Twitter Brand by Tweeting Like the Stars

As IMA's social media manager, one of the most commonly-asked questions I get related how to improve social media stats – and rightfully so. However, one question that is a bit more specific is, “How do I make my Twitter account like my favorite celebrity’s account?”

Listening to Your Customers: What's Your Strategy?

customer service

Are You Truly Listening to Your Target Audience?

At Inbound 2014, our campaign manager Rachel learned a lot about what it means to truly listen to your audience and engage them at their interest levels, rather than creating arbitrary or negligent content that doesn’t serve them.

Are Your Videos Reaching the Right Viewers?

Video is a key component of content strategy

5 Corporate YouTube Channels Effectively Targeting The Right Buyer Personas

Video is becoming an increasingly popular form of content. In fact, 74% of internet traffic in 2017 will be video, estimates Invodo. Easily digestible, easily sharable and easily brandable, video as a communication platform should not be overlooked.


HubSpot Users Rejoice: We Now Have a Content Calendar!

Create and Manage Content with HubSpot Calendar

How to Plan and Manage Your Content Strategy With HubSpot’s New Editorial Calendar Tool

When HubSpot unveiled its new CRM tool at INBOUND 2014, it also rolled out a series of new features for HubSpot users, including Sidekick for managing customer relationships.

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