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The Life of a Social Media Manager: As Told By Britney Spears

Gain a New Follower Britney Spears Gif

What Does a Social Media Manager Do All Day? Britney Helps Explain.

1. That moment when you gain a new follower or “like”:


2. When a coworker says that a certain piece of content needs to be posted:


SEO vs. PPC: Comparing 3 Factors of Search Based Marketing

PPC vs SEO image

Guest Post: Which Search Method Yields the Most ROI for Your Business?

SEO and PPC are two of the most important marketing channels for any business with a website. They are constantly confused and sometimes not completely understood. Many businesses must decide which one to choose, and a lack of resources can mean that a wrong choice impacts a business significantly, especially for small businesses. There is a correct answer for every business that depends on multiple factors. Taking these factors into account can help you make the correct decision and receive the most return for your investment.

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5 Marketing Tech Gadgets Use in 2015

santas nice list image

A Marketer's Most Wanted Tech Toys for 2015

A curious thing happened to me this week. I saw children sitting on Santa’s lap at the Home Depot. Now, when I was a child, I remember Mom and Dad taking us to see the singing Santa at the mall or at school or at the country club. But I don’t ever remember going to see Santa at the home improvement store.


3 Marketing Lessons Learned the Hard Way

marketing disasters to avoid

Avoid These Corporate Marketing #Fails in Your Own Promotional Efforts

An analysis released in March by Experian Data Quality found that 42 percent of marketing executives believe bad customer data is one of the biggest hurdles to scale for successful multi-channel marketing. A smaller study published in the Harvard Business Review in September found that investment in tracking customer attitudes and behavioral patterns could yield some companies an ROI upwards of 300 percent.


3 Ways Google+ Helps Your Business

Google  for business

The Social Networking Platform Google Built and Why It Shouldn't Be Ignored

When it first launched in 2011, Google Plus was aiming to take over the social networking space dominated by Facebook. With opportunities to share pictures, post status updates and hangout with your friends online using Hangouts, Google Plus has all the elements of social networking in place.


6 Effective Strategies to Improve Business Blogging

Tips for Business Blogging

Tips for Writing Blogs That Get Read

Guest Post by: Venchito Tampon of DigitalPhilippines.net

8 (More) Awesome Online Resources for Free Images

content creation

Free, Licensed Images Online

Content marketers and bloggers know how important it is to include visual aids in their content; they know their viewers respond highly to photos and videos, as the brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than it processes words. Images are vital to attracting a viewer and engaging them deeply enough that they stay on your page to read the accompanying content.

Drive Traffic Back To Your Website, Facebook-Style

facebook remarketing as a sales tool

Target Lost Customers With Facebook Remarketing

When you work in social media, you have to stay on top of the latest trends, as they are always changing. It seems as though once you learn one method or procedure, there is something else out there that is bigger and better to help produce better results in your social media marketing.


12 Books Every Marketer Should Read Today

Reading Books on Marketing

Titles Every Marketer or #SMB Owner Should Buy, Borrow or Download 

Is reading becoming a lost art? With so many opportunities to absorb content online and on a screen, does anyone sit down with a nice hardback anymore and just read? Not to mention highlighting favorite passages or dog-earing pages that you want to return to later. 

9 Marketing Blogs To Subscribe To Now

9 Marketing Blogs to Follow

A Content Manager's Recommended Reading for Honing Your Marketing Skills

Content marketing is truly ruling the internet right now. With so many tweets, posts and blogs to read, it can become overwhelming to determine which types of content to spend your time reading and sharing.

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