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How To Create An Investable Pitch


An Entrepreneurial Coach Offers Advice on Creating that Winning Business Pitch

Guest Blog: Scott Rouse, The Nashville Entrepreneur Center

Going to INBOUND 2015? Here's where you'll find us!


How one marketing strategist plans to tackle HubSpot's annual conference

INBOUND 2015 is less than two weeks away and I couldn’t be more excited. You see, I’m a self-proclaimed inbound marketing geek and certified (literally) HubSpotter. I even work for a HubSpot Platinum Partner, but I’ve never been to INBOUND before. How could I let this happen? Not sure. But this year, I’m going!

Millennials Matter: How and Why You MUST Market to this Generation

Hello Im a Millennial

It's time to add Millennial Marketing to the top of your to-do list.

They’re well educated, tech-savvy, information hungry and ambitious. On the other hand, they can also be impatient, have short attention spans and demand instant gratification. And be careful what you say about them because I’m one of them! Who am I talking about? Millennials.


Audible’s One Book launch: Why I’m disappointed with it

bigstock Girl in headphones Blonde lis 88388093

I love Audible. It has accompanied me through many exciting-yet-long road trips, my commutes into work, and many workouts. I especially love the books read by the authors, themselves. I’ve enjoyed books like Yes Please by Amy Poehler, Wild at Heart by John Eldredge and Do Over by Jon Acuff.

Using Social Media to Grow, Online and Off

describe the image

Building a Following By Bringing Your Offline Customers Online

Loyalty counts. With huge corporations like Walmart, Amazon and Costco providing easy-to-use online marketplaces, it means a lot when clients or customers choose your services over theirs.

But how do you get a leg up? Here is a guide to growing a dedicated customer base, both online and off.


Why is it so important to align Sales and Marketing?

Sales   Marketing

It’s time to talk about a big sales and marketing problem most companies have struggled with for years. I’m not talking about lead generation, market share, or customer retention, although it does impact each of those things and so much more. I’m talking about the chasm that separates Sales and Marketing.


How To Recruit Top Talent Interns for Your Company


Intern Recruitment Strategies From Our Intern Herself

Every year, thousands of college students apply for internships throughout the spring, fall and summer. Whether it is for learning, experience, school credit or the desire to get a foot in the door with a certain company, internships are always in high demand. For any business looking to attract top talented workers (or to save a little money by eliciting entry-level help) an internship program can be a great thing to integrate into your company.

Why Your Website is Never Really “Finished”

managing the health of your new website

Just Because You "Go Live" Doesn't Mean Your Job Is Done 

You and your team have worked tirelessly on launching your beautiful new website. Now it’s time to kick back and let the clicks roll in. Right? Not so fast.


Creating Effective B2B Lead Nurturing Programs

b2b lead nurturing strategies

Why Whitepaper Downloads Alone Won't Increase Revenue...and Other B2B Lead Nurturing Strategies to Employ Today

Organizations don’t live and die by whitepaper downloads. Revenue is still the ultimate success factor for organizations. Even the most successful content marketing campaign won’t matter if it doesn’t lead to new revenue, additional revenue, or recurring revenue.

Are Your Calls-to-Action Spurring the Right Action?


3 Types of CTA Formats to Maximize Conversion Opportunities On Your Website

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