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Keep Your Customers Happy By Saying "Thank You!"


Four of Our Favorite Blogs on the Importance of Customer Retention

The season of thankfulness is upon us, the time for gathering around tables of food with friends and family. As a business owner, this time of year provides the perfect opportunity to show your thanks for your customers, those who keep you in business and help to put that food on your tables.

A Critical Marketing Component You May Be Overlooking

ux is critical in marketing

Are You Hurting Your Marketing Efforts by Forgetting the User Experience?

Why does marketing exist? The easy answer is that marketing exists to help us sell our products or services. We use marketing to draw people (customers) to us. We use it to inform, educate, create awareness, attract, and delight people in a way that makes them come to us first--and hopefully repeatedly--for their specific wants or needs.


Understanding the 4 Most Common Types of Data Backup

protect your data

How to Protect Your Work and Avoid Data Failure

The saying “always have a backup plan” is never more true than when it comes to your work files. Backing up computer files should be an ingrained routine in your business because the alternative could mean a loss of valuable work product, money and jobs. Especially if you are dealing in e-commerce, the potential for disaster resulting from a loss in data could be crippling for your business. 


How to Write Content Your Readers Will Love

writing content for your audience

Four Tips for Curing the Content Rut

I think by now we can all admit to ourselves that good content isn’t possible without purpose. What I mean by that, is that if the content we create for customers doesn’t provide them with value, seek to teach or inform, solve a problem, answer a question, entertain or delight, then it serves no purpose for a customer.

4 SEO Tools We Can't Live Without

4 Favorite SEO Tools

Our Favorite Things for Conducting SEO Research

As an agency, we are often asked about our favorite tools for the work we do on behalf of our clients. From content creation to social media engagement to website development to search engine optimization, the tools we use are a huge part of the work we do each day.


10 Genius Ways to Motivate Millennials With Marketing


Marketing to Millennials

This post originally appeared on our blog in 2012. We have updated it with some mroe current numbers. 


A Social Media Channel Your Company Can't Afford to Ignore

Using LinkedIn For Your Company

Are You Making the Most of Your Company's LinkedIn Profile?

LinkedIn: It’s the working professional’s best social media ally, and yet a large number of people and businesses are not making the most of its serious networking and sales potential.


Infographic: 5 Brilliant Best Practices for Lead Nurturing

lead nurturing best practices

Nurture or Not So Sure?

This post originally appeared on our blog in April 2013. We've updated the post to reflect more current information. Feel free to share this infographic with your networks!

7 Marvelous Resources for Researching Trending Twitter Topics

Researching Twitter Trends

Taking Advantage of Twitter Trends in Your Marketing Strategies

This post originally appeared on our blog on January 29, 2014. Because Twitter changes daily, we've updated this popular post to offer the most current marvelous resources for researching trending topics. Enjoy!


Proving ROI Proves to be Marketers' Biggest Challenge

Calculating Your Marketing ROI

Do you know how to measure the value of your marketing efforts?

HubSpot’s State of Inbound 2015, the annual report compiled with info gathered from marketers and sales people around the world, was released recently. Needless to say there were quite a few points of interest.

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