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Google Updates Local Search Algorithm: SEO's Report Ranking Changes

Google Updates Local Search Algorithm

Google Local Update Ties Into Web Search Signals

Over the weekend Google released another search algorithm update, this time to their Local Search Algorithm.  An article by Search Engine Land, the updated has appropriately dubbed this the "Pigeon" update, which will most likely stick, as this appears to be a significant update.


5 Killer Resources To Help You Dominate LinkedIn

linkedin profile optimization

Optimize Your LinkedIn Personal Profile and Business Page

Each time I get a connection request via LinkedIn, the first thing I look at is the sender's profile, especially if I don't know them personally. One thing I see all too often is that the person has not optimized either their profile or their business page. Now, you may be wondering why this profile optimization is important, even when you aren't looking for a new job. 


Stand Out on Social Media: Building a Brand Personality

Social Media

Setting Your Brand Apart in the Social Media Sea

You’ve heard it all before: differentiating your brand from its competitors is vital to your success on social media. Find an audience, and speak their language. Build a brand personality, and your followers will become brand advocates. Of course, this is all much easier said than done. After all, building a brand personality takes a concerted effort, and when you’re new to social media anyway, that effort can miss the mark.


The Balancing Act Of Good Content Marketing

Analytical thinking plus creativity equals great content.

Combining art and science to tell your customers a great story

Part of what makes life so challenging and so rewarding is finding balance. Whether you're balancing your checkbook, your time between work and play or you’re just trying not to embarrass yourself in yoga practice, without balance, you’d be, well, off.  The same goes for content marketing. The best and most effective content marketing is created using both an artistic and a scientific approach.

Will you buy into Facebook’s Buy button?

Facebook tests a new Buy button on its sponsored posts for businesses

Likes and dislikes on the social media giant’s latest status update

This week, Facebook announced its latest enhancement, the Buy button. In an effort to make it easier for users to shop online without navigating away from one of their favorite social networking sites, Facebook has been testing this newest News Feed addition with a select group of small- to mid-sized business pages.


Creating a Workplace Your Employees Actually Want to Work In

Bored employees often lack motivation to work hard

Are your employees motivated to work?

As business owners and managers, we want to believe that our employees are eager to arrive promptly to the office everyday and get right to work. Unfortunately, when we ask ourselves whether our employees are as excited about work today as we are, our uniform answer would likely be a resounding “no.” The question then must arise, “How do I motivate my employees?”

12 Free SEO Tools You Can't Afford Not To Be Using

12 Free SEO Tools

Free SEO Tools the IMA SEO Team Uses Daily 

Knowing what SEO tools to use and which ones to stay away from are one of the key elements of a great SEO when it comes to time management, efficiency, and providing results for clients or your own website. Even though we use SEO Tools that we pay for, we are going to provide you with our 12 favorite free tools below.


Why Does Your Website Need a Blog?

Business Blogging

The Value of Business Blogging

So you’re new to the world of online content, and don’t exactly understand the role that blogs play in getting your company’s website exposed to the right kinds of viewers. Do people even read blogs? you wonder, ponderously. Well, according to SocialMediaToday, 77% of internet users read blogs and 81% of U.S. consumers trust advice and information from blogs. So it turns out that if you want your company to be a visible to the right kind of viewers on the internet, you’ve got to reach them by producing great content, namely a blog, that will be attractive and useful to them. Here are a few reasons why your company’s website really needs a blog.

Empowering Versus Victimizing Your Employees

Business advice

What Are Your Motivation Tactics?

There have been hundreds of books and articles written on how to motivate one’s employees. All manner of theories and ideas have been introduced, from those that insist that employee motivation lies with financial reward to those that declare you must motivate your employees based on their age group. What many of these theories and ideas don’t express is how deeply employee motivation is tied to personalities, company culture, and the style of management employees receive.   

8 Must Answer Questions Before You Start Inbound Marketing

inbound marketing

Are You Ready for Inbound Marketing?

Most businesses that contact us are looking for guidance on how to get started with inbound marketing.  They know what it is, or at least have an idea, but they aren't sure where to start or have greatly underestimated the time commitment and complexity of managing a fully executed inbound marketing plan.  If your a marketer or agency owner you know this all to well especially the underestimation of the time commitment.

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