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Maximize Content Marketing for Unique Audiences


Does your content marketing strategy appeal to all of your buyer personas?

As content marketing has become a mainstay under the larger umbrella of marketing, most businesspeople are familiar with the basics. Use various types of content through multiple channels in order to attract and nurture prospects and customers? Got it. But what’s a business to do when its target buyers are less traditional? If you serve a demographic that spends all its time on social media, for instance, it can be easy to disperse the bulk of your content across the most popular platforms. However, if your clientele is a little less predictable, targeting them with content can be trickier. Here are a few tips for finding success with content marketing, even if your audience’s behaviors are harder to figure out.

When Choosing a Marketing Agency, Choose Authenticity First

authentic marketing agencies

How to Select An Agency to Represent Your Human Side

In an increasingly connected, techno-centric world, it is possible to interact with customers from Europe and colleagues from Canada. You can find brand advocates from any point on the map, and you can form relationships with fans and affiliates online but never come face-to-face with these individuals. Technology makes our big world feel very small.

Is Your Sales Team Working For You Or Against You?


Why Achieving Smarketing Really Is Beneficial For Your Bottom Line

As a company, of course, both the sales and the marketing departments are on the same side, with one common goal: to improve the bottom line of the business. At least, that’s the way it should be. But some days it may not always seem that way.


8 Sources for Incredibly Interesting Social Media Content [SlideShare]

social content ideas

"Our business isn't interesting" isn't an excuse anymore!

When we are consulting with clients on the type of content to share on their various social media channels, we often discuss creating a well-rounded social media strategy. We begin with how often to post on which channels. We break down the times of day and types of posts that work best for different audiences and different outlets. We explain why video works really well on some platforms but not so well on others. 


Leveraging Big Data in Your Marketing Strategy


Using Data Insights to Make Better Marketing Decisions and Drive Better Results

Big data is a ubiquitous term these days. It seems as though everyone from marketing to tech companies to well-renowned journalists are using this phrase in their writing. We’ve even discussed big data in marketing a time or two on our own blog.

6 Actionable Steps For Using Your Keyword Research


You've got keywords, but do you know how to use them?

So you’ve completed some keyword research and you know which words make sense to try to rank for. You have created a solid keyword strategy to boost your website’s search rankings and SEO. Now what?


Your Website Project Is Delayed...Now What?

website delays

3 Ways You Can Continue Marketing While Your Website Build is Stalled

Many of us have been there: Your website is outdated and you finally get approval to develop a new one. Your marketing efforts take a back seat for what you think will only be a couple of weeks until the new site is launched. Because, after all, why would you spend precious time, energy and money driving traffic to an outdated site when your bigger, better, fancier new one is on its way? A whole new level of marketing success is so close you can taste it!


10 Twitter Tips from Twitter Experts

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What You Missed from #TweetSmarter 2015

Recently, Twitter and Hubspot hosted a public webinar for marketers and business owners the learn some of the new features and best practices for marketing on Twitter based on case study results they’ve been collecting over the past year, since their #Tweetsmarter 2014. Honestly, I found the results helpful to marketers and business owners of varied levels.


4 Keys to Optimizing Lead Generation on Your Website


Are You Maximizing the Conversion Opportunities on Your Site?

These days, everyone knows that it is important to optimize your website for lead generation. But the strategy behind just how to do it is where the details can get a little blurry for many people. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as including a “contact us” form in the sidebar of every page or including a “subscribe now” button in your blog posts. If you want to convert visitors to leads, you’ve got to get more creative.

Quick Wins to Win Over Digital Influencers

reaching out to brand advocates

Spreading the News: Finding Fans and Influencers is Easier Than You Think

Guest Post: Steven Southerland of Studyweb.com

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