What Is The Future Of Marketing?

The Future of Marketing

Posted by Inbound Marketing Agents on Fri, Nov 9, 2012 @ 17:11 PM

Ahhhh yes, such a vague and vast concept. What's the next big thing in marketing? I recently finished my degree in marketing just about a year and half ago and I already feel that it's outdated, and judging where the tides were turning in the marketing field, I knew it was coming. Direct Mail marketing? Who uses stamps? Or more importantly, who has the money for print costs? Email marketing? Like we don't get flooded with enough email. Television? DVRs have allowed the viewer to fast forward through the commercials, so there's no longer a guarantee that your message is getting across. As a marketer, it's still important to focus on the basics of marketing (the 4 Ps, for example), but as a more mobile society that is more in control of the message, it's important to focus those basics towards a more sophisticated audience. Search Engine Optimization used to be king, but Google now controls the keywords and it's just as important as ever to write engaging content, and not just stuff your website with keywords. But, what's all of this content going to get us?

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