What Is The Future Of Marketing?

What Is The Future Of Marketing?

Posted by Inbound Marketing Agents on Tue, Dec 4, 2012 @ 15:12 PM

What is the future of marketing? It is content and that is it. How de we know? Just look at how people search and, how the search engines search as well.

It is still the "wild, wild west" online no matter what any guru, SEO specialist or other marketer tells you. Things here are still a little crazy. 

Google themselves know this and continually try to wrangle in the information world through it's algorithms. This is exactly how we know that content is the KING and CURRENCY of the marketing future, because they said so.

Think about this question instead for one moment; "If we live in the information age, what will it take to market effectively in it?" That's correct information. Yes, many a guru and marketer will have the "quick fix" answers for you, but creating information is no quick thing, especially if you want to grow a business, a list or following online.

Social media has its place and that place is to learn the "wants" and "needs" we possess, but content is where the needs and wants are filled. Through brand trust is where we decide to purchase, buy or subscribe for more answers.

Blogs, article submission sites, video and even Press Releases are more trusted than anything out there in the world wide web. Think about this, it is a fact that 72% of all searchers online trust organic search results for answers to their problems...all professional level marketers online know this.

These are just the facts. We are the most informed generation in the history of the planet, but how are we informed? Not through social media or apps, but through a consistent truth spoken through a reliable source who has gone out of their way to know their niche and educate others.

The future of marketing is through these simple steps: Know your niche. Educate others about it. That's it, anything else is overdone to the point of being a car salesman on a website. Which is something we should avoid like the plague. None of us like being sold but we love to buy, and that through a reliable source.

In order to learn any niche the marketer needs to spend ample time researching everything they possibly can about it, if they do not it will show when they are marketing online and that individual will prove to be less credible than the person who has taken the time to learn the necessary information to build brand awareness, thus educating consumers about whatever it is you are marketing through consistent content creation online.

Now, I don’t want to be misunderstood and have you believing that I am downplaying social media in any respect. It is absolutely necessary and will play an important role in the future of marketing, but it starts from the content that is created.

Content creation happens in many ways; from writing a blog post of 250 – 400 words, using images correctly within that post and structuring your title tags and h-tags properly throughout the post. One word of caution though, don’t over use your targeted keyword within the post as the mother of search engines, “Google” will give you a good ole spanking and your fresh new piece of content might just disappear. 

Another method of content creation and the final one that I will discuss at this point is video creation. Video content will carry with it as much weight as will writing a blog post. In fact you’re more likely to gain a larger following by including a video with every blog post you write. 

So as I close, it’s a solemn truth that content is still king and will reign supreme for a long time to come. Those marketers, who make the effort to produce it, will be those who stand the test of time as they strive to build their brands online. And that my friends, Is the future of marketing! Question is, will you submit to it?


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