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How Hashtag Trolls Can Be Your Business’ #BFF

Posted by Inbound Marketing Agents on Mon, Dec 3, 2012 @ 16:12 PM

While one day your twitter feed might be filled with trending hashtags #insertcelebritynamehere, another day might be consumed by hashtags #likethisthatareirrelevantandjustmeannothing. 

Hashtag trolls might #hashtag #every #word #maybe #thinking #that #one #will #be #trending, and one word very well could.  However, what these hashtag trollers don’t realize is that they are branding each word they tag to that notorious pound sign. 

Work Those 140 Characters – It’s the Future

Hashtaggers have the power to control and influence a brand’s popularity if the new, popular social media device is tweeted properly.  Training your customers with brief hashtag etiquette can, pretty much effortlessly, launch a new marketing campaign run by your business’ biggest fans.

Your business can steer hashtag-trolling customers to be key assets in marketing your brand.  The future of marketing lies within the 140 characters and is at the hands of the people.  Since Twitter is now full of people tweeting about every minute or thought of the day, businesses should take advantage of this phenomenon by simply attaching # to its products and letting the consumers brand the company through effective tweeting.

Make It Personal, Make It Count, Make It Big

Influence your customers to adapt a customized hashtag in their tweets to build up a collection of key phrases that brand your business’ product.  Not only will encouraging customers to tweet about a purchase bring your company a step closer to trending on Twitter, it will encourage your customers’ followers’ curiosity in the product and likely result in a contagious chain reaction of purchasing. 

People want what others have, and tweeting with hashtags is the best way to flaunt a new and exciting product.  Let your customers market your brand by pointing them in the #rightdirection and allowing them to take control over how their purchases should be perceived by their online communities. 

Follow these 3 rules to get the trolls playing for your team:

1.    Talk Before Tweeting

Tell your customers about your product.  Give them the inside scoop because they’re dying to know the inspiration and what it means to own the product.  Encourage them to tweet @business or with #business and give them creative license to brand the product with their own hashtag.  Twitter account followers want to read about personal experience as well as something bigger.  Followers want to see how a brand name product can be personal.  Letting your customers know that you value their opinions is crucial for relying on tweets that can be accessed by a growing Twitter audience of 500 million.

2.    Brand the Receipt

Encourage your customers to tweet about their recent purchases by sending them off with a pre-composed tweet at the bottom of a receipt.  If the customer is an avid tweeter, odds are he or she will tweet about his or her latest purchase.  You might as well save the consumers the trouble of composing 140 characters about your product and guide them in the direction of the brand’s future.  

Create a unique phrase or word that describes the product and strategically place the hashtag so the tweet’s not consumed by overflowing, meaningless #hashtags.  This tactic will not only teach the trolls #howtoeffectivelyuseahashtag, but will automatically expose your company’s brand to the hot Twitterverse.

3.    #Product

Name your product with the hashtag.  It’s as simple as that.  When hashtag-trolling tweeters tweet about their new #products, the hashtag is already built-in and is immediately effective when consumers tweet about their new purchases.  Even if your customer tweets every word with a hashtag, at least you know your #product will stand alone and will have potential for spotlight attention.  A single hashtag is always better than #omgIjustbought#product.  Now you’re easily one step closer to becoming a trending Twitter topic.

So gain the leg up on your competition by targeting your @customers and ask not what you can do for them, but what they can do for you.  Power to the people.

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