What Is The Future Of Marketing?

Top 5 Breakthrough Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore

Posted by Inbound Marketing Agents on Tue, Nov 27, 2012 @ 07:11 AM


The future of marketing is changing every day. It’s hard for both small and large businesses to predict which marketing medium will be the most profitable. But these top marketing trends are the best bet for big profits.

  1. Mobile Goes Massive: How many people do you know who do not have a cell phone? Or a smart phone?  In order to be your customer’s best friend – you have to be where they are every minute of the day. So that means your business must be mobile.  And did you know that more than 25% of smartphone users make purchases online using their phone? The United States & Japan are leading the pack. And smartphone purchases are expected to double. According to Gartner, by 2013, more people will use their smartphones to get online than PCs. So businesses who are first on mobile will have a huge advantage with the rise of consumers using their cell phone as a “wallet” or credit card to make online purchases. 
  2. Google May Be King but Video is Queen!  Youtube is the most searched site behind Google. People love watching videos. They watch it on their desktop, their laptop, and now over a fourth of all videos are viewed on smart phones. So if video is not in your future marketing tool box – you’re leaving money on the screen. So what types of videos should your small business focus on to quickly go viral? Think reality TV. Reality TV programs have exploded in popularity because people like video with real people – real experiences. So the future holds big dividends for videos of all types. Especially live streaming videos that are entertaining and funny.
  3. Social Media Is Not Going Away. 10 years ago, small businesses had to have a website to be considered credible – before that it was a brochure and/or business card – and before that it was an 800 and fax number. Social media is now the new “must have” tool to be considered legitimate. You don’t want customers thinking you went out of business because you’re not on Facebook or Twitter.  Consumers are using social media more and more for recommendations of products from their friends. So get on the social media gravy train NOW.
  4. Know Your Customer Or Go Home. In the not to distant future, there will be no such thing as spam because messages and advertisements will be so uniquely personalized that it will seem like your personal assistant is giving advice and recommendations instead of mere advertising.  And not only do you need to know everything about your customers, you need to be in your customers’ mind. IBM has predicted that mind reading computers will be a reality in 5 years or less.  All you’ll have to do is think about calling a business – and it will happen. So it’s more important than ever to be on your customers’ mind – or you’ll lose the sale.
  5. Local is the Best Kept Secret – Everyone talks about how we are globally connected and you can do business anywhere in the world. True. But did you know that 1 out of every 3 searches is looking for something local? And 9 out of of 10 times, it’s for an immediate need – like a hot cup of Starbucks or a great pizza joint in the area.  Restaurants can especially benefit and attract new customers because 64% of local restaurant mobile searches results in sales within the hour.  That’s hard to ignore. The key to keeping it local is to make sure your mobile site and call to action is optimized. 80% of customers will leave a mobile site if it doesn’t upload in 3 seconds or is difficult to read. Marketers who don’t forget the local angle will get more butts in their seats. Not to mention profits in the bank. 

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