What Is The Future Of Marketing?

The Future of Marketing

Posted by Inbound Marketing Agents on Fri, Nov 9, 2012 @ 17:11 PM

mikew contentAhhhh yes, such a vague and vast concept. What's the next big thing in marketing? I recently finished my degree in marketing just about a year and half ago and I already feel that it's outdated, and judging where the tides were turning in the marketing field, I knew it was coming. Direct Mail marketing? Who uses stamps? Or more importantly, who has the money for print costs? Email marketing? Like we don't get flooded with enough email. Television? DVRs have allowed the viewer to fast forward through the commercials, so there's no longer a guarantee that your message is getting across. As a marketer, it's still important to focus on the basics of marketing (the 4 Ps, for example), but as a more mobile society that is more in control of the message, it's important to focus those basics towards a more sophisticated audience. Search Engine Optimization used to be king, but Google now controls the keywords and it's just as important as ever to write engaging content, and not just stuff your website with keywords. But, what's all of this content going to get us?

Content Marketing

Writing engaging and original content is becoming almost an art these days. There are so many pieces of content written on specific subjects, that it's becoming more and more difficult to write something that doesn't sound like it's been through a content generator, especially when it comes to the topic of marketing and its spin-offs. Marketing agencies are able to charge a premium for use of their content creators, especially if they want to be featured prominently on Google, Yahoo! or other search engines. The more content that's written (generally recommended 3-4 pieces per week) to improve your chances of shooting to the top of the heap. Relying on keywords is a arduous task that typically gets you nowhere, since most of the bigger companies have used their ad budgets on Paid Search for their keywords. As someone who writes for a prominent football website, I've seen firsthand at the importance of creating content and how it effects search results when publishing several times per week. It has lead to increased page views, subscriptions for our data packages and increase in Twitter followers. I've seen my Twitter following rise from 500 in June, to now almost 1,000. If you're writing engaging content, you build trust with your community, which leads to more followers and evangelists for your brand or company that are more than willing so spread the message across their Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

Advanced Content

While content is king, advanced content could be looked as the emperor. Creating advanced content is not as daunting a task as it sounds. At our website, we're creating podcasts and now using Google+ Hangouts to engage and reach out to our customers and followers. With a webcam, you can create a hangout and interact with those you've invited and increase your following on the social media site. What's nice about the Hangouts, after it's finished recording, it's automatically uploaded to YouTube for sharing.  Speaking of which, YouTube also allows you to create a brand channel to upload your content for easy sharing and it's easy to use analytical tools allow for quick reporting to gauge the reach of your audience and which videos are most (and least) popular. Like content published online, it's important to create something that's entertaining or solves an issue/problem.

All of these concepts are derivatives of inbound marketing. There's a treasure trove of information for consumers that allow consumers to research and decide who they want to do business with. As marketers, we no longer control the message. We can no longer rely solely on traditional marketing methods and know that our message is getting across. Content creation allows you to tailor your message so that your potential customers can find you and know that they are about ready to do business with you. Once they are in funnel, you can guide them down and tailor the message directly to their needs.




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