What Is The Future Of Marketing?

What Is The Future Of Marketing?

Posted by Inbound Marketing Agents on Fri, Nov 9, 2012 @ 17:11 PM

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My first thought with this question is how can marketing not be the future? With every form of media being directed to handheld, instant access, instant response technology... marketing i.e. promoting your distinct and unique version is the only way to compete.

The thesaurus brings up numerous results that I would not have thought of in the realm of marketing. The first one listed is bait and switch? Although I guess that is a part of marketing... it is actually now that I think of it, often used in marketing. I created my website and named it in 2007 and there were NO similar sites... when I began purposely trying to promote my site to my surprise I found many other bloggers claiming to be a form of my website name. Even to the point of stating in directories that they were me. I guess that would be a bait and switch but I had not realized it til now.

Marketing - "the commercial process involved in promoting and selling and distributing a product or service." definition by http://www.thefreedictionary.com/marketing

Everything involved in only website promotion is marketing. You pick your content and set up your tags in the background so that it is picked up by the search engines that again promote your website content. Marketing is the key to placing your website in a position to be seen and chosen and the top site to look at and read or purchase from when a person is searching the web. All this is just you the websiteowner marketing your site to the masses.

We have just completed the presidential campaign ... election "marketing". Each candidate promoted their position and "marketed" it to the entire United States of America. With that specific subject matter, they promoted and directed the citizens that agreed with their positions on health, environment, military, social issues, and taxation. Each political stand weeded out or add to the list of what was wanted in the person elected to be the president of the United States of America. Each subject matter that was addressed throughout the campaign was a position of marketing their view. The one who presented their view that aligned most with the general public. Won the election of 2012. This is one of the most immediate example of seeing marketing in action before our eyes on a daily basis for the last year at least.

Marketing happens in social settings with what is called "networking" now, used to be "contacts" or "introductions". Where a person would visit one on one with another and "introduce a friend, or college sp?(col league) sp? to a working acquaintance... now the "like it" or "facebook" thumbs up or down promotes whether you like or dislike a person or their opinions completely void of knowing who they are. The friend accept draws a person into a really unknown group of "friends" that they may be linked with. I do not facebook so you have to understand... my knowledge of this part of marketing is limited.
The idea is to link people to other people with like interests ... and therefore provide a market of like minded buyers, promoters, "contacts" that will be of mutual benefit in future endeavors.

When you were in elementary school and were "recruited" for the soccer team, t-ball team, pee wee football, karate, cub scouts, brownies, choir etc... you were being marketed to at that young of an age and in turn you were marketing yourself for the position in each "club" that you became a part of. Marketing is such a natural interaction that we take the marketing in and promote our own information so regularly that we do not even realize we are doing it.

Marketing a demographic... i.e. age group, socio economic group, marital status is another way of narrowing the field to present the exact, item, product, service, insurance that a person of these qualifications would be looking for.

What is the future of marketing? ... The future IS marketing. We do not purchase anything without responding to or purchasing for marketing.

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