Track Your ROI via Marketing Analytics

Digital marketers are drowning in data, but few know what to do about all the numbers. Site traffic. Social media reach. MozRank. Inbound Link Grades. Which of these metrics matter and what should you do about them anyway? Attempting Inbound marketing without metrics is like trying to drive cross-country without a working fuel gauge. Your business needs to understand which data sets matter, and how to act on these figures in order to continually improve your ROI.

How We Monitor Metrics:

Our certified inbound marketing specialists are experienced at interpreting analytics and adjusting strategy continually. We understand each puzzle piece and the big picture. Whether you’re hoping to learn the role of metrics in your inbound marketing strategy or receive a monthly report of performance, we’re all about the ROI. Here are a few of the inbound marketing analytics that are crucial to driving more traffic and growing your bottom line:

Marketing Grade: HubSpot’s Marketing Grading Tool measures every stage of your sales funnel on your company website, from how effectively you’re driving traffic to whether you’re using every opportunity to capture and convert leads.

Website Traffic: Looking at the unique visitors to your company website is an important measure, but we delve a little deeper and determine where they’re coming from, whether they’ve discovered your site through organic search or social media.

Blog Analytics: Once visitors hit your website from Google, what are they doing? Are they staying around long enough to leave a comment or subscribe?

Keyword Analysis: We target and fill your content calendar with “low hanging fruit,” long tail key phrases that resemble how your future clients use Google and are easy to rank for.

Social Media Followers: Is your reach and visibility on major social media networks growing? Are you targeting buyer personas with high-value content that inspires engagement?

Linking Page: Inbound links from relevant domains control as much as 70% of your website’s search engine optimization. Earning links is a sign you’ve established authority and are providing valuable content to your readers.