Inbound Marketing Agents

IMA is a full service marketing agency with a passion for helping small & medium-sized businesses improve their marketing strategy.

Our management team is comprised of individuals who were probably in a similar situation years ago that you are in today - wanting to learn how to acquire more customers without spending more time or money.

We have brought together the best inbound marketing geeks we could find. Each agent excels in lead generation and conversion, business blogging, social media strategy, and search engine optimization. Our geeks have an unparalleled passion for helping small business owners compete with large corporations and their big budgets for outbound marketing. Every staff member and partner is a Certified Inbound Marketing Professional With Honors from Inbound Marketing University. IMA is a Gold Certified Partner Agency of HubSpot.

We simplify the inbound marketing process via HubSpot marketing automation software, provide training at your own pace, and develop a personalized, step-by-step guide to success.

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